T-Mobile Begins Rolling Out Cliq and Behold II Updates [Updated]

T-Mobile USA has started pushing out over-the-air (OTA) updates to both their Motorola Cliq and Samsung Behold II handsets.  While neither of them are updates to Android 2.1, they both are steps in the right direction.

Aside from bug fixes and performance improvements, the Cliq update addresses a few other points.

  • Improved battery life
  • Improved software performance and stability
    • Improved widget response
    • Decreased “Force Close” error messages
  • New Manage Sim Card application
  • Support of .WMA and .WAV media files
  • Replacing the imeem mobile application with the Slacker Radio application

The Samsung Behold II OTA update features:

  • Improved touch screen and dialer functions
  • Fix MMS, Messaging, and E-Mail issues
  • Improved battery function
  • New applications (Evernote, Where’s Waldo, and Midnight Bowl 2)

We haven’t heard what titles constitute the “new applications” pushed to the Behold II.  If you are among the few who own this handset and get the update, let us know what they are!

Source: TmoToday, TmoToday, TmoNews

  • Toro

    Goog job T-Mobile, now please drop the N1 to a reasonable price for existing family plan users. Else, i'll have to wait for the comparable HTC Desire.

  • smartguy

    uh T-mobile doesn't sell or price the N1.

  • what build version should be on the phone before and now?

  • on the cliq that is… sorry…

  • thescarletnecklace

    Great….now if they would only update the G1 and MyTouch…………

    • laurie

      these are not updates; they're bug fixes

  • My CLIQ (Still Waiting On The OTA Patch) Is 1.1.31, Off Of The 2.6.27 Kernel (Android 1.5, Of Course)

    • I wonder if anyone has got it yet? I keep hitting the update button with no luck.

  • ablkidea

    No update available for Behold 2 yet…. hmmm!

  • Got my update for my Cliq last night. I've been using/getting frustrated with my wonderful phone all day today.
    Let's go down the list, shall we?

    "Improved battery life" I think my battery starting going down faster today, but the test will be tomorrow when I'm running My Tracks and listening to MP3's when I'm out walking.

    "Improved software performance and stability, Improved widget response, Decreased "Force Close" error messages" Everything seems to be running the same, but I actually have gotten a few more Force Close messages with the Android Market, and the standard Text Messaging app has become unusable due to the amount of stalls and Force Close messages I get for it.

    "New Manage Sim Card application, Support of .WMA and .WAV media files" I've seen the SIM app, haven't messed with it. The media support looks nice, but until I get a larger memory card, I won't be able to test this.

    "Replacing the imeem mobile application with the Slacker Radio application" Never used imeem, had Slacker already loaded, but only listen to last.fm and Pandora, so once again, not too big a deal for me.

    All in all, I'm now getting a little irritated and frustrated at my phone. For the past month, I've been loving this little beasty, but this new update has REALLY put a sour taste in my mouth. I mean, seriously, it's made the basic Text Message application on the phone COMPLETELY unusable, but otherwise, I've noticed NO difference for the better on my phone.

    And what a happy post for my first posting on this site. Yay.

  • MrIncredible

    Why no android 2????

  • Anonymous

    My Cliq update was recalled, but then I went through settings to see if it would work a couple days later, it did and after a long time and a couple restarts I had the update.

    Two days later my phone wont turn on and I have "Bootloader USB Init" error screen, but can only get that if I plug the phone in. Otherwise phone won't come on. Basically the phone has been bricked by the OTA upgrade cycle. I have to have it warranty replaced.

    Anyone else experience this. I do NOT trust OTA updates anymore.

    (I have never modded my phone)

  • blkidea

    I got my update a week ago. The bugs for messaging did not get fixed. Battery life is the same if not a bit worse. Overall the phone got slower. The new apps only take up more ram and cannot be deleted. I think I'm just unhappy with this phone. I think I'm going to buy an N1.

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