Verizon Announces FiOS Mobile Remote App for Droid

Chances are pretty good that you’ve lost your remote control a time or two in the past, be it in the couch cushions or under the bed.  Chances are also pretty good that you almost always know where your cell phone is at a given moment.  Verizon understands this and has announced their FiOS Mobile Remote application for the Motorola Droid.

Starting this week, Verizon customers with FiOS TV and a Motorola Droid can use their Android phone to control their HD set-top-box.  All your favorite control features and functions come along for the ride, including changing channels, manage parental controls, pausing, rewinding, fast forwarding or recording TV shows.  On top of that users can transfer individual photos from the phone to the TV or view stored photos in a slide show.

Users can also import favorites from the TV to the Droid and then use the phone to pull up these channels on any FiOS TV.  If your phone rings, the Droid will automatically mute the TV for you.  According to Verizon, setup is a breeze.  Download the app from the Android Market and then pair it with the WiFi network using the Mobile Remote Widget on the TV.  Once you register your phone number, you’re off and running!

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  1. Rob
    February 18, 21:20 Reply

    Think non-verizon users will get a hacked version?

  2. Cturnkeyc
    March 30, 16:56 Reply

    I installed the Fios mobile remote and widget on the set top box. However, when activating the mobile remote on the Droid it indicates the mobile devise is not connected to Wi-Fi. I have activated the Wi-Fi on the Droid and I am located approximately 4 feet from the router. It continues to indicate the Droid is not connected to Wi-Fi. Any suggestions?

  3. Cturnkeyc
    March 30, 17:16 Reply

    I was able to connect to WiFi. Now the new problem is Mobile Remote indicates “Unable to connect to the Set-Top Box. Please launch the Mobile Remote widget on the TV again and restart the Mobile Remote application on your mobile device.” I have done this and the widget indicates the Droid is already registered. Any suggestions?

  4. TP2user
    April 24, 12:03 Reply

    Works on my Touch Pro2 even though Widget on TV set says the TP2 is "coming soon." I guess sooner than they thought!

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  6. doel
    July 17, 18:49 Reply

    nice post. thank you so much for sharing. i like it :p

  7. simon
    February 13, 10:20 Reply

    Having similar difficulties. I guess my droid does’nt have an IR.

  8. I am really excited about the interesting feature of FiOS mobile remote app for droid. I think it has brought much satisfaction, comfort and usefulness to the consumers. thanks for the refreshing post.

  9. I am really excited about the interesting feature of FiOS mobile remote app for droid. I think it has brought much satisfaction, comfort and usefulness to the consumers. thanks for the refreshing post.

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