Google Shopper for Android

Google has unveiled their latest Android application, Shopper.   Using the camera built into your Android handset, users can find information and pricing on CDs, books, DVDs, video games, and other products.  There are a variety of ways to find results.  Take a picture of the item, scan its barcode, or speak the name of it, and watch it go to work. 

Check out some of the other great features found in Google Shopper!

  • Save your history and favorites – Shopper saves your history and lets you star your favorites for later.
  • Share your finds with friends -Find something you want to share? Click on the share link to post to Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Instant Messagig, etc..
  • Detailed product information - Find prices, reviews, specs, and more. Shopper is powered by Google Product Search.

Unlike Google Goggles, Shopper only needs Android 1.5 to work.  That means CLIQ, Behold II, and Hero owners can download it today!

Scan the barcode below with your handset and download it from the Android Market!

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  1. NookSurfer
    February 19, 19:03 Reply

    Pretty interesting application. It seems like it works better than some of the ones that Apple offers. This one seems like it does more than just scan the bar code.

  2. Tehninjo0
    February 19, 22:57 Reply

    I thought Goggles did all that and more already… Whats so revolutionary here?

  3. doel
    July 17, 18:46 Reply

    nice post. thank you so much for sharing. i like it :p

  4. Charming Chick
    November 10, 14:22 Reply

    The exciting thing about this is that using the camera built into your Android handset, users can find information and pricing on CDs, books, DVDs, video games, and other products. There are a variety of ways to find results. Thanks.

  5. business for sale
    April 18, 20:54 Reply

    I am exceedingly glad to learn the exciting information about this powerful feature with android shopper. I think it can save you a log of time and energy. thanks for the nice post.

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