Archos 5 gets Firmware Update

Recently, I turned on my Archos 5 tablet for my nightly reading and found notification for the firmware update (1.7.77). Alas it’s still Android 1.6. The update went without a glitch but if you are wondering what was includes here’s rundown from the Archos support site:

  • Extended Bluetooth™ support for cellphone tethering (DUN and PAN)
  • System monitor application to close background apps or services and free up memory without affecting other running apps
  • Improved handling of WMV9-HD video files

Do any of you guys have the Archos 5?  Considering the Archos 7 when it comes out?  Thoughts on the Dell Mini 5 as compared?

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  • Apparently Archos are working on Android 2.1 firmware for their tablet range (so that ofc includes the new 7" model). Will be cool to see this device running Live Wallpapers and it could turn into a great gaming device if they hook up the power of Android 2.1 OpenGL and the TI OMAP DSP chip that is sitting, waiting, inside this device. 😉

    • It will be funny if my Archos gets 2.1 before my MyTouch does. Not that I would mind

    • mike

      i have a question . so the TI OMAP DSP chip is in the Archos 5 and if they decide to goto 2.1 update then the open GL will work with archos 5? sorry dont know anything about the ti omap dsp chip and was trying to find what chip was in archos 5 so thanks for that

  • nice man.. cool..

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  • Brian

    Anyone know how the progress is coming along with Android 2.1 for the A5IT? Could we expect it to be released this year?

  • Cris

    To all that are waiting for this upgraded, Don’t hold your breath.
    What I likely see happening is this: A new version of the damn device and no update.
    Archos is notorious for this. New device, and whoever owns their perfectly working older model with extra plug-ins that were purchased are left out with a thumb up their butts. No updates, no support. Try buying the new device and you will have to buy NEW plug-ins and accessories that fit the new device. RIP off! it’s too bad that I’m still a sucker for any new Archos devices and just deal with it, but it isn’t fair.

    So more than likely, the current android powered archos will never “officially” get 2.1.

    Instead, a new high priced 2.1 version with perhaps other features will be released before the year is over.

  • Yes, it is an excellent update with powerful feature such as Extended Bluetooth™ , System monitor application, Improved handling of WMV9-HD video files. Thanks for the nice information.

  • The archos 5 seems to different from the rest for these interesting features of bluetooth and monitor application with video files.  I think the users would be happy lot. 

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