Load HTC Desire ROM onto Your (Rooted) Nexus One

Just a few days ago we reported on Paul O’Brien and his loading of the brand new HTC Desire ROM onto his rooted Nexus One.  At the time, he was keeping the ROM to himself as it appeared to have a watermark on it. Not anymore!

Paul has released an alpha version of the ROM for you guys who have root access on your Nexus One handsets.  According to him, it’s a tad buggy but works great overall.

Aside from the FM radio, there appear to be no hardware incompatibilities that will cause a problem between the two devices. Even the noise canceling microphone is functional in this ROM. The only problems with the ROM are related to the fact it’s early Beta. The biggie here is graphical glitching – you’ll see this as you start using the ROM.. The camera application does not yet record at 720P and is locked to a max res of 3 Megapixels all symptoms of an early Beta release, simple as that.

As with all rooting and modding, things are done at your own risk.  Be really careful with that superphone!  Want the step-by-step directions?  Head to RedmondPie and get started.  They’ve laid everything out nicely.

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  1. Michae
    February 20, 17:08 Reply

    Is there a reason that I would want to do this? Why would I want to replace my stable stock Nexus One ROM with a buggy Desire one?

    • Michael
      February 20, 17:10 Reply

      Never mind the previous comment. I found out it has Flash 10.0 support. Maybe I'll give it a try.

  2. mike
    February 20, 21:05 Reply

    whoa look at that sleeve/case with the android dude… where can i get that?? please tell me.
    does anyone know?

    • Gerry
      February 20, 21:57 Reply

      Buy a Nexus One. It comes with it.

    • rawr
      June 09, 00:18 Reply

      you can get it on ebay. ive been wanting one too XP lol

  3. Dianne
    February 21, 03:07 Reply

    Could you guys please drop the whole "for you guys who have root access" stuff? This is nothing special, being able to flash custom builds with "fastboot oem unlock" is a standard part of the device. You are not hacking it, bypassing its security, or beating the man by doing this. Everyone who owns a Nexus One has this as part of its standard software build.

    Of course, this is primarily there for developers to flash their own builds, and you really should be careful about what you do with it. Beyond the normal stability issues, there can easily be security holes or other subtle problems in some random build you install.

  4. meanmcclean
    February 20, 23:26 Reply

    so ur um….. anyone who has done this can you comment on the 3G issue, does flashing the desire Rom seem to help out with that nasty nexus one issue, is it simply a hardware failure? any differences in the Radio Rom?

  5. iPhoneötzi
    February 21, 05:31 Reply

    whoa look at that sleeve/case with the android dude… where can i get that?? please tell me.
    does anyone know?

  6. Fuzzone
    February 21, 05:49 Reply

    Hah!. So, someone from Maryland calls and ends the demo. Spoilsport :)

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