Beta Test This! Gowalla for Android

We’re finding that many of our readers and twitter followers love to try out new applications.  Any time we mention a developer is looking for feedback or insight into their application(s), you guys seem to jump all over it.  Here’s another one, and its a pretty big title – Gowalla.

Gowalla is a location-based social networking game that seems to be picking up quite a bit of steam. Many liken it to foursquare in how it lets users to checkin to places, share locations, experiences, and pick up stamps for their ‘passport’. I downloaded Gowalla earlier this morning and can already see myself getting addicted to it.  However, I am not certain I will be integrating twitter into it just yet.  I don’t wanna flood the feed with all the places I visit around town.

Reading through the Gowalla blog, it sounds like the developers are pretty big on Android.  Official representative Josh Williams posted a short blurb on the status of the app where he says, “…Our goal has been to do this right and provide a premium experience on the Android platform. We don’t want it to play second fiddle to the iPhone.”

If beta testing and social networking games are your thing, then I would recommend heading to from your Android handset.  You can also scan the barcode below with your Android phone and get there too.

Thanks for the heads up Wes!

Download Gowalla

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