FarmVille on Nexus One Signals Death of Productivity [VIDEO]

Taimur Asad of Redmond Pie has been playing with the HTC Desire ROM on his Nexus One these last few days.  As many of you might know, it features Adobe’s Flash Player 10.1 as part of the build.  So what’s the best way to test out how well that works?  Log into Facebook and play FarmVille, of course. 

As you’ll see in the video, it runs pretty well.  Taimur admits that prior to playing with it on the Nexus One, he hadn’t even tried out FarmVille.  That explains his hesitation and awkwardness in the clip.

While it sounds great at first, games like this might not translate as well onto a 4-inch screen as we’d hoped.  If any of you play any Facebook games on a netbook, you can attest to the difference between a 10-inch screen and a full blown 19″ or larger monitor.  Still, this does help give you that quick fix not currently available on any other platform.

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  1. Marilyn
    February 22, 18:16 Reply

    Actually, SkyFire was able to load Facebook games like Cafe World on my HTC Kaiser running WinMo 6.1. The game would be slow, and there would be a periodic time-out error where I would have to log back in, but it worked enough to serve a few dishes. lol I wonder if SkyFire would be able to manage the same or better on newer WinMo devices, sinve I’ve since crossed over to Android.


    • Roy V.
      March 29, 04:14 Reply

      SkyFire 1.5 version was able to load and play certain Facebook gamesexactly like restaurant city and farm ville on my Sony Ericsson Xperia x1. It works really good if you have a good wi-fi connection, since my x1 doesn't support t-mobile's 3g only At&t's 3g only but still decent speed.

  2. Ryan
    February 22, 23:16 Reply

    Anyone noticed that farmville isn't actually working properly at all in that video?

  3. Guest
    February 23, 01:45 Reply

    I think the author and I have very different ideas about what "As you'll see in the video, it runs pretty well." means. Looks to me like it runs pretty poorly.

  4. doel
    July 17, 18:35 Reply

    thanks for your sharing. great post! like this :p

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