Google Earth Arrives in Android Market for 2.1

The official Google Earth application has arrived in the Android Market this morning.  We haven’t seen any news from the Google Mobile blog yet, so we’re trying to dig through a few things.  As of right now, we know it doesn’t show up for Android 1.5 or 1.6 but Nexus One owners have confirmed it to be available.  A few of our twitter followers have indicated that it’s not showing up for them either.  So it appears that it does require Android 2.1 which makes sense to us.  We just saw our first glimpse of it when the Nexus One was unveiled.

So for those of you with a Nexus One, head to the Android Market and download.  In the meanwhile, the rest of us will have to wait on an update.

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  1. Mike
    February 22, 16:15 Reply

    Just downloaded it on my N1 ! Pretty sweet ! 😀

  2. @T7Labs
    February 22, 16:20 Reply

    I just downloaded it on my N1 as well, ill check it out..

  3. Chuck
    February 22, 16:22 Reply

    Just downloaded it on my Droid! I'm rooted with a 2.1 rom by the way.

  4. Raphaels
    February 22, 16:39 Reply

    This is very cool!
    Definitively a WOW! app, very fast on the Nexus One.

  5. @jorgerivera
    February 22, 17:29 Reply

    Just downloaded! :)
    Interesting fact: some of the Google Apps are unavailable when connecting to the market using my carrier (ICE, in Costa Rica). For example, Google Listen.

    However, Google Earth is available! So, thank you Google!

    Very nice app!

  6. cromag
    February 22, 17:32 Reply

    Yay for Nexus favoritism! Honestly, the Nexus one has 2.1, then got an update to 2.1 with pinch/zoom, now google earth…they really do take care of their own don't they? That's almost reason enough to get a phone straight from google, and cut out the carrier "middleman". I have a droid that I know is capable of running 3D processes efficiently and powerfully, but google earth is too good for 2.0? I feel sorry for those with even older OS's too. Frustrating…

  7. Brian
    February 22, 17:51 Reply

    it's like playing god, controlling the earth on the tip of your fingers…!!!

  8. Ratnok
    February 22, 13:10 Reply

    Gotta love fragmentation….

  9. DMAGIC448
    February 22, 18:39 Reply

    @ Ratnok – You can avoid the effectsof fragmentation by always having the latest & the greatest! You gotta pay to play! I am personally the owner of a G1, Goole Ion, Droid, & Nexus One. A Gadget addiction is sometime wost than crack but way more fun!!

  10. aleis
    February 22, 17:43 Reply

    man…even though i can get what i want with 2.1 when i get it on the DESIRE…i really want to get a google experience phone cause…i dont want to miss anything!
    the updates will come to those phones first and…im on the fence!
    but, i know im going to get the desire so, im just talking :)

  11. nerdrow
    February 23, 00:32 Reply

    This made me finally go ahead and root my Droid; used DroidMod 1.0 and the whole process took about 10 minutes. Google Earth looks fantastic on the big 854×480 screen.

  12. NookSurfer
    February 23, 00:41 Reply

    Sweet!! I'm glad to see it available to more carriers. How's the battery life when you use it? I know that it drains the iPhone like there's no tomorrow.

  13. Aderfader
    February 23, 03:34 Reply

    you do not have to have 2.1 to run this. if you have a rooted droid just use adb. adb pull /system/build.prop

    edit it in a text editor and change sdk 6 to 7 then save and close make sure to keep it exactly the same file type

    adb push build.prop /
    chmod 644 build.prop

    Install google earth and enjoy

    gleened the info from various forums…. good stuff

  14. farhad
    July 06, 08:50 Reply

    ohh thank god its arrived in android.. welcome..

  15. eric
    July 14, 06:57 Reply

    Thanks For sharing :)

  16. khay
    July 17, 18:38 Reply

    thanks for your sharing. great post! like this :p

  17. NG
    January 02, 00:59 Reply

    Where the fuck is that APK file????

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