Go Ahead, Have a One Nightstand

Since very few of us get to wake up whenever we feel like it, we tend to rely on alarm clocks to drag us out of bed.  I’m sure I am not alone here when I say that my phone has replaced my traditional clock on my night stand.

I’ve been using the stock alarm apps on my phone for years now, dating back to my Windows Mobile days.  For Android, I’ve been quietly putting up with the stock application on my G1.  Would I like more functionality? You bet.   But honestly, I’m not looking for something that’s super high tech or glossy because, let’s face it, I’m sleeping through the app the entire time I use it.

Along comes an application called One Nightstand that seems to fit the bill.  Aside from your traditional alarm clock function, there are a couple features that I could find handy including upcoming calendar events and current weather.  Brightness and color can be configured by the user depending on preference.  There’s also a great “Let Me Sleep!” function that simply shuts off ringers, system sounds, and notifications for a set period of time.

One Nightstand is offered in both free and paid versions.  The difference between the two is that the “Let Me Sleep!” option is limited to 1 hour whereas the paid (99¢) version let users configure 1-8 hr intervals as well as the 12hr “hibernation” mode.  Once your countdown reaches its end, volumes go back to where they were prior to your trip to La La Land.

While this might not the prettiest looking application you’ll own, it could be one you use more often than others.   I don’t need a shiny or polished looking alarm clock but that’s not to say you don’t.  I’d love to hear what you’re using for an alarm application. Please consider leaving a comment and sharing your thoughts below.

  • nmw407

    Can you add the QR code when reviewing apps? It makes it easier for the reader to find the app and test it, rather than going to the market and maybe hopefully finding it through the market search.

  • Tried to install it twice. Both times application hung and had to be killed. This is broken.

    • I've been doing software updates all morning. I'm pretty sure it should work on most devices now.

  • Using Klaxon Alarm Clock App. This is the one app that I REALLY needed and the stock alarm was terrible. The 2 best features of this app is the volume comes up gradually at an interval you can set. And the snooze is very easy. The app has also been rock solid and never missed an alarm. I tried so many others and even paid for a few. Once I found this, I just love it. Can't think of a missing feature. Oh Boy

  • Rene

    I am a few weeks in to Gentle Alarm, I feel inclined to say the pre-alarm feature actually works.

  • Luke

    yeah i use gentle alarm too, and have been for a few months. i swear by it 🙂

  • seconding Klaxon. The gradual volume increase is so much nicer than a blaring alarm. Makes the name kind of ironic though 🙂

  • Jay

    The default alarm clock in HTC’s Sense UI is very nice. You can set up multiple alarms and it’s very easy to set them up.

  • Merk

    Try NIGHT CLOCK. It's a free app that turns your phone into a full screen clock. You select color and brightness and mp3s for the alarm. It will fade the volume on, if you like. It is super simple to set and has snooze functions. I think it has the best and simplest features of any alarm clock I have tested on the Android market.

  • I like Math Alarm Clock:

    I just wish it had an option to check if the user turned off then on the phone, and continue the alarm if the user (me) is trying to cheat = P

    • Roe

      Math Alarm iis the greatest alarm ever. I'll turn off other alarms and roll over and go back to sleep, but this one makes sure you're awake. I also use gentle alarm just for the pre-alarm which is also pretty cool.

  • Pete

    Gentle Alarm here. The Night Mode turns my Droid into a great clock and I love the pre-alarm system.

  • kcx

    I'll take any opportunity to slam google/moto/verizon for the pathetic clock that pops up when you put the droid in the docking station. The night mode lights the whole room and is bright enough to read by. Give the app a brightness control that goes darker than the normal min and I would be happy. I use night clock set so dark it looks black in the daytime.

  • john

    the default nexus one clock app works really well and had most off these featuresI use an app called mute to kill the ringer and notifications, but it doesn't kill the alarm

  • Ken

    I found the Nexus one's clock that auto activates in the docking station is more than I need with weather & auto dimming, using Ringdroid for tone generation…

  • JohanH

    I'm using ShakeToWake. Works well, set it up to 20 shakes and you'll find yourself shaking the sh*t out of your phone at 8am. It's kind of annoying but it cured my snooze-mania.

  • I seemto have the opposite problem from everyone else who uses alarms: I awake on the first sound and I sleep with/someone I do not want to disturb. For this reason I want an alarm that doesn't sound like an air raid siren and doesn't auto snoose instead of turning off. I never found an alarm app that does this. However I have taken to using Google calandar for my morning alarm. It beeps just once and then shuts up. It doesn't even turn on the screen to light up the room, and my wife never even notices it.

  • jaam

    I think that I prefer the dock clock from the 2.1 build (have it on my rooted G1) looks superb, can be dimed and bounces around like a screen saver after a while. Plus can play music and view slideshow from it and set alarms. A very classy clock/alarm function that comes on when the phone is docked.

  • thanks for your sharing. great post! like this :p

  • very useful apps.thanks for review

  • What a cool app, I am going to check it out. My stupid traditional alarm clock just broke!

  • One nightstand has a very different meaning in this post. Many will be interesting in reading it and they will found out that it is just like an alarm clock.

  • DEC-droid-X

    I have been using this APP for a week on my Droid X and it has all the features that I was looking for, and some I didnt even think of. The free app is probably all you need, but I bought the upgrade to support the developer and say “thanks”.
    GREAT APP !!

  • To begin with, I must say you have done a great job with the whole
    Symbian community. Been here since the day I bought my Omnia HD, which I
    sold it a few months ago (going on Android).

    Secondly, the LG sucks. Tegra part is great, the fact that’s easier to
    mod it is great, but I would switch to Samsung Galaxy S2 (ort SE Xperia
    Arc, but it’s much too expensive, just 50-80 bucks more, and I can buy
    myself a brand new Galaxy S2, which is way better). So please, DO NOT
    BUY THE LG PHONE. It sucks.

    Please go on Samsung Galaxy S2, or SE Arc. Those phones rock. Especially SGS2 in terms of specs.

    Keep on the good job Andy,

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