Rumor: HTC Desire to AT&T, Legend to Sprint

The two new Android handsets from HTC, the Legend and Desire, appear to have their US destinations already mapped out.  According to Boy Genius Report, the Desire will be headed for AT&T when it arrives here in the states.  Rumored to maintain the Desire branding, it will also find itself a home in the Google store.  BGR’s source also says that there may be some cosmetic changes (color, finish, etc) upon arrival.

As for the HTC Legend, it’s said to be headed for Sprint. We can’t say this comes as much of a surprise to us. The Legend is the direct descendant of the Hero, which Sprint redesigned for the US. BGR has been told that Sprint will modify it (probably remove chin) and market it as the Hero2 once it hits the Now Network. We hope that the carrier doesn’t strip the Legend of its character. Not only does the handset feature a chin, but the single piece of aluminum body gives it a distinct look. Hey Sprint, don’t knock this down to a standard slab phone!

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  1. Saw
    February 24, 10:34 Reply

    This is super exciting, if true

  2. newspeak
    February 24, 13:57 Reply

    i agree..sprint is going to destroy the legend

  3. Toro
    February 24, 14:36 Reply

    I was hoping the Desire would come to T-Mobile as they are carrying it in the UK…if not, I guess I'll to wait for a N1 price drop.

  4. DMAGIC448
    February 24, 18:43 Reply

    Why would Google direct sell a "non google experience" phone?? You can bet your bottom dollar Google will have a strong hand in the UI design of every device sold on

  5. rewd
    March 12, 22:42 Reply

    oh good GOD not again

    The Legend is a gorgeous piece of hardware, something Android seriously needs, and it goes to Sprint where they will ruin it just as they did the Hero?

    • whatswithgravity
      August 05, 00:00 Reply

      the chin is ugly. as long as thats the only thing they change i'm down

  6. doel
    July 17, 18:27 Reply

    thanks for your sharing. nice post

  7. jasuro
    October 07, 21:31 Reply

    Looks good, like the iPhone from Apple. I hope they are also as good as those iPhones.

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