October 21, 2014

Distimo Study Reveals A Great Deal About The Android Market

Distimo, a Dutch app store analytics firm, has finally completed their research on the six major mobile app stores: iTunes App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm App Catalog and Windows Marketplace for Mobile.  Their findings analyzed store size, store growth, most popular applications, and where you can find the best deal.

The good news for Android users, is that Distimo has determined that Android has the highest percentage of free apps (57%) and has an average of 3,005 new apps written each month. Relative to the number of apps, Android actually has the fastest growing app store of all of them!  Interestingly, in terms of the average price of paid apps, Android, Apple, Nokia, and Palm were all in the same range, while RIM and Microsoft were twice as high.  This is good news for Android fans! Let us hope the market continues to grow and apps stay at a reasonable price.

Source: Distimo