Distimo Study Reveals A Great Deal About The Android Market

Distimo, a Dutch app store analytics firm, has finally completed their research on the six major mobile app stores: iTunes App Store, BlackBerry App World, Google Android Market, Nokia Ovi Store, Palm App Catalog and Windows Marketplace for Mobile.  Their findings analyzed store size, store growth, most popular applications, and where you can find the best deal.

The good news for Android users, is that Distimo has determined that Android has the highest percentage of free apps (57%) and has an average of 3,005 new apps written each month. Relative to the number of apps, Android actually has the fastest growing app store of all of them!  Interestingly, in terms of the average price of paid apps, Android, Apple, Nokia, and Palm were all in the same range, while RIM and Microsoft were twice as high.  This is good news for Android fans! Let us hope the market continues to grow and apps stay at a reasonable price.

Source: Distimo

  • Ratnok

    Where are the growth numbers for Palm?

    • Ratnok

      And Windows Mobile?

    • Good question. I also wondered that myself before writing this. The chart did not include it though. Nor did the full report.

  • JustMeHere

    Distimo's study is outdated, as Androlib shows that there are more than 30000 apps and 62 percent are free.

    It could be used as a baseline, considering the 19000 mark was dated in Dec 09 but 150k for the iphone is current. So it clearly shows a Bias in their analysis.

    • Remco


      Thanks for your comment. Our data is based on the US Android store and doesn't include all other countries where Android is available. Additionally, AndroLib seems to report on the accumulated number of new applications in Google Android Market, which may be different from the number of applications available right now.

      Remco van den Elzen

  • Bruce

    Guess what? It costs $100.00 to become an iPhone developer and $25.00 to become an Android developer. Do you think that might have something to do with the higher percentage of free apps on Android?

  • Never mind the price of entry, a good chunk of the planet cannot buy apps on Android phones currently.
    Why the hell don't Google just let people buy stuff with their Google Checkout accounts?

    Anyway, that will continue to hamper paid app development outside the US.

  • DMAN

    That just makes developers turn away from Android Market if not much money is to be made.

  • @DMAN it makes those cheep developers that make unproductive non-original apps just for money to turn away, we don't need a 1554123developers making 115412piano program 151512121 the exact multitouch game but with a different theme. In other words, Android apps is more original 🙂 yet the Market is more of an opportunity to have a countless number of developers that don't need Apple's approval to develop their software and more importantly its a chance for normal people to become developers.

  • thaks for your sharing. great post!! like this :p

  • It is a rejoicing information for the android users that relative to the number of apps, Android actually has the fastest growing app store of all of them according to this important study. Interestingly, in the price front too android is preferable. It is an informative post.