February 28, 2015

Forget Text, Use Robo.to for Video Status Updates!

San Francisco-based web and mobile app company Particle has just unveiled their Android app, Robo.to.  Forget tweets and status updates with boring text.   Using Robo.to one can record and broadcast 3-second video clips as status updates from their Android handset. Why bother reading about your friend at the coffee shop when you can see them enjoying that white chocolate mocha in video? 

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According to Particle, the app provides the ability to “socialize your mobile address book” as well as sync to their network.  Robo.to integrates with twitter, Facebok and a handful of other social networking services in addition to their own so users can connect to friends and family without starting all over.  One of the cooler features in Robo.to for Android is its ‘Mood Ring’  which displays your most recent video status update when someone receives a call from you.  The only catch is both parties have to have Android handsets with Robo.to installed.

Features of Robo.to for Android include:

  • Contact List: Navigate directly from a Robo.to contact card to initiate an action
  • Import Contacts: Import mobile contacts to Robo.to profile
  • Address Book Sync: Automatically sync the native address book in your mobile device with your Robo.to account, so all Robo.to users are added to your Robo.to contacts
  • Record & Publish: Initiate Robo.to record from any screen on your phone and publish the video to Robo.to profile
  • Mood Ring: Displays caller’s latest status update as the phone rings
  • “Pre-Flight” Information: See a contact’s latest Robo.to status update before connecting by call, text or email
  • Robo.to Card: Watch as other users “Tag,” “Like,” and “React” to your updates—creating a real-time virtual calling card
  • Contact Updates: Automatically update contact information for people in your network, so you always have the latest phone numbers, emails and social networking accounts

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  1. dethduck

    Why bother with this? Qik can post to your FB and Twitter accounts not to mention twitvid.

  2. meet singles

    Not only forget texting but also save your time and energy just by going for this robo to video status updates. Interestingly, according to particle, the app provides the ability to “socialize your mobile address book” as well as sync to their network. Thanks.


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