Nexus One Event Canceled in China

Well folks it seems that the relationship between China and Google has gotten even lower.  According to Android Central, Google has reportedly canceled a Nexus One developer event in Beijing.  Apparently Google was set to introduce the Nexus One along with other latest and greatest Android handsets to  Chinese developers.  Reuters is reporting that the event is still going to be happening in Hong Kong and Taiwan, so it is very likely Google canceled this event out of principle.  Overall, it is not immediately clear how the standoff between China and Google will effect Android adoption in China, but I for one am not hopeful.

Source: Android Central and Reuters

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  1. Raphaels
    February 24, 15:24 Reply

    This is very sad for Chinese Android developers…!

  2. Glen
    February 24, 15:27 Reply

    What is that clock ring live wallpaper on that Nexus 1 and where can I get it!!!??

      • Glen
        February 24, 15:56 Reply

        Can I download this from somewhere? I have a rooted MyTouch with 2.1firmware so I'm able to use live wallpapers.

  3. s.chen
    February 25, 10:25 Reply

    While Google may be hesitant about it’s official presence in China, Android is probably here to stay, considering so many manufacturers have already adopted it (including several Chinese manufacturers).

    What their relationship with the government really impacts in my opinion is the deployment of the Android Market, which probably wasn’t going to happen in a completely open way anyway. But Motorola has shop4apps and phones using China Mobile’s altered Android OS, oPhone have already employed localized ways of selling apps.

    In the end, the standoff is about China’s censorship of Google’s methods of information delivery… and you can always change the default Android search widget to Bing. Ick.

  4. doel
    July 17, 18:24 Reply

    thaks for your sharing.

  5. It is quite interesting to observe this development that how the relationship between China and Google has gotten even lower and according to Android Central, Google has reportedly canceled a Nexus One developer event in Beijing. Thanks for the information.

  6. media buyers
    May 03, 16:48 Reply

    I am very excited about the curious development that led to cancellation of nexus as a consequence to China and google face off and lowering of relations. Thanks for the information.

  7. Everything happens for mutual benefit they would never like to dump it over minor issues.  Soon they would realize the new world order, and agree to let the business resume for better and prosperous future. Let us hope for better.

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