SugarSync Unveils ‘Upload by Email’

SugarSync Inc., providers of  digital backup and syncing, have announced their latest feature called ‘Upload by Email’.  As the name implies, it works by simply sending an email attachment to a special email address.  The file gets applied to a dedicated folder and is immediately available on any synced device, including your Android phone.

“It’s our goal to make your data always available at your fingertips,” said Laura Yecies, chief executive officer at SugarSync. “Upload by Email eliminates the need to download attachments and re-save them. We’re happy to add another way to make sync easier and transparent to you.”

This will come in handy for people who get multiple attachments per email.  Rather than downloading and opening them individually, the user can forward the message and put the attachments in the SugarSync cloud.

SugarSync also announced today that they will be offering a new 500GB storage plan.  Previously capped at 250GB, the new plan runs $39.99/month of $399/year.

If you haven’t checked out SugarSync, you can grab it from the Android Market today.  All accounts come with 2GB of free storage.

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