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Turn your Android handset into a handy voice recorder with Somyac’s Recordoid Dictaphone.  The free app has been around a while now, racking up over 10,000 downloads out of the Android Market.  One look at the interface and you’ll see that this is one of the most polished apps we’ve seen.  The attention to detail really stands out against other Android applications. 

With Recordoid Dictaphone you can use the microphone in your handset to record voice and:

  • Add notes
  • Send via e-mail
  • Save and view recording location on the map
  • Set as ringtone

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Right now, the only version available in the Android Market is the Lite edition.  Due to restrictions, the full version is only found in Poland’s market.  Although we checked SlideME, Handango, and Mobile2Day, we couldn’t find any difference in the paid version.  So, go grab that free one!

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  1. @cmenke
    February 25, 19:38 Reply

    very useful! after a brief test, only limit appears to be a maximum recording time of 3minutes per session. hopefully full app will be released on other markets soon!

  2. MaxLaw
    February 25, 21:25 Reply

    As I have downloaded lots of apps on my Nexus One, the main thing that I want to know is whether the dictation is saved to the SD card. Can someone let me know? Thanks.

    • chris
      February 25, 22:43 Reply

      As expected it saves to /sdcard/dictaphone

      Can't add notes to specific times within recording or playback, it's just a note attached to the entire file.

      Don't delete the audio file from outside the app. Dictaphone app does not like that.

      The animation during recording is cute but hardly useful.

  3. jarek
    February 25, 23:24 Reply

    its lets you record longer then 3 minutes in the full version i like it but i wish it recorded mp3 but wave is fine i'll buy the full version when it makes it to the market

  4. Wes
    February 26, 03:16 Reply

    Will the full version let you record during a call? That would come in handy for phone interviews.

  5. blake
    March 01, 13:53 Reply

    If you're looking for a nice audio recorder, check out Livo Recorder Pro. It has the useful features of Recordoid like pause/resume recording and a nice UI (without the tape recorder motif), plus it has unlimited record time, a nice desktop widget, and the ability to add additional recording onto existing recordings. It also has a scheduled recording and a Tivo-like feature that allows you to constantly record the most recent audio until you are ready to keep it. Check it out on the Market…

  6. doel
    July 17, 18:18 Reply

    thaks for your sharing. great post!! like this :p

  7. Your are right in suggesting the offer as it is having strong appeal due its powerful and versatile app; with Recordoid Dictaphone you can use the microphone in your handset to record voice so easily and conveniently.

  8. lou
    September 20, 16:47 Reply

    has anyone found a recorder that work like the real thing I would like to be able to edit my dictation, like stop rewind listen and add segments. All the suggested programs don’t give me the ability to listen and replace just a segment of the dictation. I would like to contact the developer of recordoid and ask these question but can’t find a support email, any ideas?

  9. Simon
    October 09, 18:11 Reply

    I really want to download this free version of recordoid but cant find it on the android marketplace? Any ideas where to find it and download?

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    February 24, 15:32 Reply

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