Latest AdMob Shows Android Users are Mostly Dudes

The January AdMob report (PDF) is out today and it shines a little bit of light on who the typical Android users are.  We already know that Android growth is steady, but just are the people using these phones?  As it turns out, we’re mostly Android Guys.  See what we did there?

A few bits we gleaned from the report:

  • 73% of Android users are male
  • 24% of Android users are under age 25
  • Android users spend about 80 minutes a day using apps
  • Only 6% of Android users plan to pick up an iPad (Duh)
  • 84% of Android users would recommend their device to others
  • Android users download roughly 9 apps every month, nearly identical to iPhone users
  • Only 21% of Android users purchase at least 1 paid app per month

Up until now, there haven’t been any “girlie” phones for Android so it doesn’t surprise us that nearly 3 out of 4 users are males.  The 84% satisfaction and recommendation rate should grow over time as users have more options to choose from when buying handsets.

Anything in here surprise you?

  • Daniel

    I'm identify as male myself, but maybe the gender demographics have less to do with the lack of "girlie" phones, and more to do with the fact that leaders in the community think that women need to be offered "girlie" phones. Just sayin.

  • DMAN

    Androids are not fashion accessories. Apples are. That’s the difference.

    Androids are actually used for work. Apples are just “blings,” useless POS.

    • Daniel

      So women don't do work, and instead choose to buy fashion accessories? That seems silly, and also ignores that iPhone demographics also skew male.

  • Stacy

    Female here, and I love my G1. I don't care what my phone looks like; I want it to have a keyboard, and I want it to work.

  • victor

    I think the mytouch is "girliest" android phone out there

  • Brandon

    My wife and I both use Nexus Ones. She didn’t have an issue with it not being “girlie” enough, lol. She did on the other hand get a pink jelly skin for it though, hehe.

  • Ratnok

    I agree that the marketing for Android phones (especially the Droid) has been directed towards men. Even the designs have been more “rugged” than “polished.” The myTouch and Droid Eris are exceptions, but there really does need to be a phone design targeted at women. Verizon is pushing the Palm Pre Plus as a phone for busy mothers. Each carrier should have an Android for women – color, design, and form factor. The guts would be the same, but Android really does need some fashionable phones and some complementary feminine marketing for those phones. Even the Nexus One, which is a pretty stylish phone, doesn’t scream “chick phone,” and the Legend and Desire are even worse. Maybe the Backflip will help, but I doubt it.

    • G__

      "marketing for Android phones (especially the Droid) has been directed towards men."
      Yup seams to be true…

  • MaryLeeS

    My office has Team iPhone and Team Android….All the members of Team Android are girls. The guys all have iPhones. Just sayin'.

    • Brandon

      I wish my office was that cool. I work with boring boring people. Wierd too.
      I think there is one dude with an Iphone in my area and me with the N1. Besides that its a sea of old clam shell phones and old razors.

  • Strange that BlackBerry OS wasn't included in this study – that's my "girlie" phone of choice.

  • Fuzzone

    There are three people who have android phones in my office. Two of them are vimin. But the dude is the one who has the Nexus One 🙂

  • The way I see it. I am one of the only females I know that has an android phone. I was thinking about this, the other day. The marketing is mostly geared toward men. Where as I tend to read tech sites, and other android sites. That is what I appreciate with Android, I don't care what the phone looks like. The girlish phone I probably ever had was, either the BB Pearl. or even the sidekick2. Give me the cool tech stuff in a phone and let me play. I am a strange female I've been told this but I love android.

    • Fuzzone

      You single? I have a Nexus One 😉

  • So, can anyone explain to me just how AdMob determines a user's sex? These results seem to be to be rather questionable to say the least. I don't click on ads on my phone or my computer. And even If I did, how would they know my sex based on what I clicked on? Or my age? Or whether or not i'd recommend my phone to others? or how many apps I buy if i don't buy them through clicking ads? These are not survey results. The top of the report says "AdMob stores and analyzes the data from every ad request, impression, and click." This data seems ludicrous to me. Am I missing something or is this just nonsense they put out as a way of tricking people into thinking they'll get this same data about users if they buy ads on the admob network?

  • i believe its true.. ive never seen any girl using droid.. haha,,

  • nice info. thanks for your sharing.