Android Outselling iPhone in Midwest

Collectively, Android handsets appear to be outselling the iPhone in the Midwest.  This shouldn’t come as much of a surprise as AT&T‘s 3G coverage is practically non-existent out that way.  Verizon, on the other hand, has plenty of coverage for their Droid customers.  Sprinkle in some Sprint handsets and it’s easy to see how Android is doing better. 

You’ll notice in the map above that there are some states where the race is too close to call.  We should see those, and other states turn Android green over time as more choices in handsets and carriers continue to arrive.

The source of this map,, has a fun little report that breaks down the demographics of Android users on a handset-by-handset basis.  Using their own tools and algorithms, we can see “who” is buying and using the various Android phones.  Scraping different chart data together, we’ve learned that Behold II owners are generally mostly females in their early 20’s, prefer hip hop music, and download ringtones more than other Android users.

Source: CNN Money

  • I thought the midwest was here.

  • milrtime83

    Coincidentally, ATT has almost no 3g coverage in those states.

  • Geography is confusing, huh? 😉

  • The gender mix chart doesn't seem right. It says N1 and Droid are the only ones with majority male users, which doesn't jive with numbers elsewhere saying Android users are overwhelmingly male.

  • Fire

    Whoever titled the article needs to go back to geography Illinois is in the midwest and you are completely off on where the midwest is located. article should state northwest is 50.50 on android/iphone. Once again this is just a great example of the horrible journalism that goes on here

  • milrtime83

    It is somewhat subjective. The Dakotas and Nebraska are sometimes considered "Midwest" as well. Take a step down from your high horse…

  • Fire

    I dont know what school you went to but "Dakotas and Nebraska" are not Midwest. As for my high horse? Well If you checked more then one website a day you would notice alot of crap that goes on here,

  • "Results 1 – 10 of about 4,930,000 for nebraska midwest"

    "Results 1 – 10 of about 5,030,000 for dakotas midwest."

    "The region consists of twelve states in the north-central United States: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota, Ohio and Wisconsin. … people as far west as eastern Colorado, Wyoming, and Montana, and southward into Oklahoma sometimes identify themselves with the term Midwest."

    But hey, if I was forced to read a site every day that I considered "horrible journalism" and "crap," I'd be cranky, too. What's that? You're not forced to visit the site? I guess I'm a little lost, then, as to where you're coming from.

    Yours in midwestern glory,

  • fuck

    Hey android guys, you are idiots!

  • Lemon

    LOL Americans. You guys know the west is on the LEFT, right?

  • fuck

    no, i'm serious, your heads are clean up your asses!

  • MNG1User

    Fire is entirely justified on his high horse. Even though Nebraska and the Dakotas are sometimes considered the midwest, those states are dwarfed by states in the traditional midwest. There is no way they are a significant factor in Android/iPhone sales for the region. The title , "Android Outselling iPhone in the Midwest" completely misrepresents the content.

  • Brian

    First – ND, SD, MT, and WY generally called "Northern Great Plains" by those that live up here . . . or as "God's Country." As a ND resident of 3 years, I can vouch for the revelation that AT&T is useless up here with no representation or coverage. So, no iPhone. Coming to visit ND, turn your AT&T phone off at the state boundary as you'll rarely see a single signal bar . . .

  • Excellent – take that, Jobs' Mob!

  • I live in Wyoming and I wanted an iPhone, but AT&T isn't available here, so Droid is the only option for us (Yes, I know there are ways to get one jailbroken, but meh). So Droid wins here by default, but I'm curious how many iPod Touches vs. iPhones are here in WY, because I did buy a Touch too.

  • DMAGIC448

    Yea, Im an avid Android user, suppoter, & fan but this this is bit much. Both devices can co exsist in harmony. they are both great devices, so why are so many trying to show how it beating the iPhone. If I didnt own a Nexus or Droid, I would be an iPhone owner, hands down! I think most will concur

  • thaks for your sharing. nice post :p

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