Dual-Screen enTourage eDGe Ready to Ship

The dual screen (LCD & e-paper) enTourage eDGe device is a unique blend of e-reader and netbook with and Android backbone. Built to handle internet, ebooks, games, music, videos and notes, the eDGe starts shipping out next few weeks. Ron Mertens of E-reader-info.com recently spent some time talking to the team behind the device as they prepped it for release.

It’s interesting to read how the enTourage sees the device fitting in and how various demographics can take advantage of it. From general consumer to business users, they see the eDGe as being functional for all walks of life. Naturally biased, they see great things ahead for both e-readers and, more specifically, their unit.

When asked about how having 2 screens in one device benefits users they point to a few possible scenarios:

  • Drag the stylus across grayscale images on the E-Ink screen to view them in color on the LCD screen
  • Attach Web pages, notes and video on the WiFi-enabled LCD screen to passages in an e-book
  • Export PDF notes or revised documents (such as contracts that are marked up on the E-Ink side) so that they can be emailed to colleagues
  • Open hyperlinks or view video embedded in an e-textbook on the netbook side

Due to the high demand, the eTourage eDGe was pushed back from a February release to early March.  For those of you who pre-ordered on before January 12th, expect it in the next few weeks.  If you haven’t placed an order yet, you can grab one in Midnight Blue, Piano Black, Ruby Red, Glacier White, and Ice Blue.

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    I am very new to this dual screen device is a unique blend of e-reader and netbook with and android backbone. I am also excited about its other interesting features. Hope it would be for much liking of the users.

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