Is Your Milestone Skipping MP3s? You’re Not Alone

We’ve been sent a handful of emails these few hours from some unhappy Motorola Milestone users.  It seems that music is skipping whenever it’s being played, regardless of the application being used. 

My Milestone skips whilst playing back MP3s via the 3.5mm port. Stereo bluetooth is fine. I’ve tried restarting my phone, amd (sic) trying a different music playback application, but the problem remains.It’s a very short skip every few minutes, but incredibly annoying. – Motorola Support Forums

A quick poking around in some other spots reveals the same thing from users in both the UK as well as those on Telus.  Some have tried their hands at workarounds, but have come away disappointed.  If you’re a Milestone user who has experienced this issue, you’re not alone.  Don’t bother removing widgets, power cycling the phone, or formatting the memory card.  It doesn’t seem to work.  Hopefully the source of this is figured out and a quick patch is released before long.

Thanks to Tom and Jer for their emails!

  • bendy

    i'm glad i'm not suffering from this issue, it may sound stupid but one of my biggest annoyances from the blackberry os was the inability to play music and take a photo or have the camera even open at the same time.

    i do occasionally have some stuttering if playing music while a photo is being processed.

  • siksik6

    Hey that's my quote! 🙂

    I got rid of my Milestone for this reason, couldn't live with it. next time Motorola, try harder!

  • Vitaly Belman

    Wow. I feel your pain. I had the same issue with Windows Mobile (HTC Touch Pro). It drove me mad.

  • Tim

    The skipping happens when the radio switches from 3G to H, or Edge. Even if you have your phone set to only HSPA 3G it does not help because anytime the phone tries to access data the radio switches to H mode and the music skips. Its a horrible horrible oversight on Motorola's part and I cannot believe they released the phone is this condition.

  • Leftblank

    Also a disappointed customer here; it's definitely related to the radio driver (or at least on my phone). enabling flight-mode gets rid of the annoying issue. Sadly that also pretty much ruins the 'phone' part of the device.

    Note, this issue has been reported on AndroidForums as well as the bugtracker for Android quite some times (so bump it!):

  • Kyle

    i dont suffer this issue although im on wifi most of the time so i dunno? im so glad i dont cuz ive been using my milestone more than my ipod

  • Thanks for highlighting this issue with the Milestone. I really hope the 2.1 update will fix it, but Motorola's silence does not inspire much confidence.

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