Qualcomm’s 7X30 Gives a Glimpse into Future of Android Handsets [VIDEO]

Want to see what the chipset behind future Android handsets is capable of?  Of course you do.  Check out a demonstration of Qualcomm’s 7X30 Snapdragon processor that was given to Charbax (Nicolas Charbonnier) at Mobile World Congress last week.  Keeping mind that what you see in the video is only a sample, we understand if you get excited by the possibilities of better games and 3D acceleration.  Imagine the user interfaces and experiences possible with a chip like this!

Skip to just around 3:45 in and you’ll see a game demo that was designed for Android.

Full production and rollout to Qualcomm’s partners should happen over the coming months.

  • Mark

    my god…. I WANT ONE!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    What is that game at 3:45? it looks awesome!

  • Kim

    Find more information about the game at http://www.ilomilo.com

  • sounds like a great chip! I love smooth graphics in 3d and fast processors.

  • wew..liket this phone

  • i want one please :p

  • i'm so excited.. i want one