Rumor: All Android Phones to See Android 2.1 in US

While some users are are enjoying Android 2.1 on their Nexus One handsets and others (Droid) are poised to see it any day now, the rest of us are left to wonder just how much life and OS support remains.  G1 users are probably the most concerned here due to the limited amount of memory.  If the latest  rumor proves to be true, all Android owners in the US will see Android 2.1 next quarter.

According to a source for AndroidAndMe, some handsets will not be able to take all (live wallpapers) of Android 2.1 features but will maintain the general backbone (firmware).  This matches up with previous information we’ve heard before where Android 2.1 might be available in pieces via apps and select downloads.

As of right now, it’s said that the carriers and handset makers are hammering out details as to how and when the updates will roll out.  AndroidAndMe’s sources also indicate that some handsets will require a wipe to get the update and may or may not involve tethering.

G1 and myTouch 3G owners are rumored to be among the first to see these updates if/when they start next quarter.

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  1. jr157
    February 27, 17:30 Reply

    Wtf,I just don't understand I go out and drop 500$on a phone that I think will be in a class of its own then everybody gets the same OS. On there razor or whatever piece of +!"??&. Why can't I have people drooling over my Droid like I did for an iPhone..

    • @jasonrnicholson
      February 27, 21:15 Reply

      Really dude? Why not go by one of those gold plated exotic luxury phones if all you wanted was to feel superior? Or design your own custom ROM? Besides, you were second best anyway as soon as the N1 was announced :O)

    • BastardsInc
      February 27, 21:50 Reply

      Same OS maybe, but not the same processor speed.

        • jr157
          February 28, 00:27 Reply

          Thanks,what did I win….

      • jr157
        February 28, 00:23 Reply

        That's right I sure am and also stuck with Verizon for the rest of my life.because I have a job and don't have all day to sit around rooting my phone

  2. Nix
    February 27, 13:52 Reply

    becuz we have spent these moneys before u! O_°

  3. Joe
    February 27, 19:10 Reply

    you paid $500 for your droid? hahaha, dumbass

  4. Julius
    February 27, 19:50 Reply

    next quarter… the perpetual next quarter… :-)

  5. James
    February 27, 22:46 Reply

    This is great if the rumor is true. It means that Google is listening to the critics (and customers) complaining about the fragmentation in the Android market. If 2.1 can be the minimum software baseline in the first half of 2010, Google might actually start to catch up to the iPhone.

  6. SpottedNigel
    February 27, 23:34 Reply

    After putting 2.1 rom on my G1, I'm praying that this happens. One thing they mentioned was how 2.1 was very optimized and scalable and the speed that it ran on this "old" G1 was blazing. The Live wallpapers that were built in didn't work perfectly, but the ones from the market place worked just fine (love the digital rain one. Matrix explosions!).

  7. rolly
    March 01, 03:43 Reply

    I have it now on my Nexus one….and I love it. The speech to text and email function is awesome. Google Goggles is cool. I am overall super happy with 2.1.

  8. ben dover
    March 01, 04:03 Reply

    Ha! Don't get your hopes up. Nobody can even agree on when phones like the eris & hero are getting 2.0, let alone anything beyond that. I'll believe this rumor (because that's all it is) when I have 2.1 on my eris. Fat chance.

  9. DMAGIC448
    March 01, 13:29 Reply

    This artical became a big load of garbage to me when the author said "handsets will require a wipe to get the update and may or may not involve tethering". Im no expert programmer, but any programmer worth his salt can update a peice of software without losing the info already there. N1 owners can rest assured certain features will still be "exclusive" to the N1's chipset. Not even the Droid will see all the features the N1 has in its "custom" build of 2.1

    • Davest010
      March 02, 16:22 Reply

      That's by choice, not because of limits in the Droid hardware.

  10. doel
    July 17, 17:50 Reply

    great post!! like this :p

  11. It is interesting to watch the rumor “all Android phones to see Android 2.1 in US’ which seems turning into reality as ascertained from the discussion that how the carriers and handset makers are hammering out details as to how and when the updates will roll out and at the same time, AndroidAndMe’s sources also indicate that some handsets will require a wipe to get the update and may or may not involve tethering. Thanks for sharing the information.

  12. It is seen that Android always introduces some thing new and user friendly. Android 2.1 would meet all the expectations with its latest features and trends. Thanks for sharing the information.

  13. NickD
    September 16, 17:41 Reply

    I might have to look at updating my HTC Hero then, If I can figure out how to do it that is, it does look a bit complicated.

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  15. Notice of Eviction
    April 28, 20:30 Reply

    It quite exciting and great news for the android owners since they are going to see android 2.1 with all the features. It is nice to go through the information in this regard. thanks.

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