AndroidGals: Pandora is Music to More Than Just My Ears


As many of you already know, there are tons of music applications for Android.  For me though, Pandora is the stole my heart early on. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pandora, it’s a streaming music service that learns what its users preferences are.  Like a song?  Give it a thumbs up and you’ll hear it again soon.  Don’t care for that last track?  Thumbs down ensures you never have to hear it again.  In the middle, the skip button, simply lets you bypass the song this time.

I have always had a love for all genres of music.  There was a time when I would make “Angel’s Music Mix 98” on a CD.  You know did too.  Before the birth of CD’s it was tape recorded songs on blank cassette tapes.  How awesome was it to make your own mix of artists and genres in one place?  There were downsides to doing these yourself though – it’s very time consuming and CD’s get scratched and lost.  Skip ahead a few years and along comes Pandora!

My first true moment of using Pandora was a few months back when I painted my kitchen “Bicycle Yellow”.  With my husband in bed, I was up until about 6:30 in the morning.  Pandora helped me pass the time by playing all my favorite artists and tracks.  When my mood changed from fun to tired or frustrated, I could change the “station” to a different genre or artist.  As I neared the end, I began to feel accomplished and successful so I switched back to my Colbie Caillat station to “rock out”.

Today, I use Pandora in my car with an auxiliary adapter, when I run at the gym, and even when I’m just lying in bed trying to slow my mind down.  It’s safe to say that Pandora is a short list of favorite apps on my Motorola  Cliq. The more I use it, the better my stations get.  It molds itself to my favorites and opens my ears up to new music and artists every time I run it.

I’m pretty new to Android myself so I’d like to hear what music apps you guys are using.  Are there other steaming music applications I should check out?  Leave a comment below and I will be happy to look into it!

The AndroidGals series of posts are written by, but not necessarily for, female Android users.  We’ll be bringing you reviews, perspective, and opinion from the girlie point of view.


  1. i prefer to use it does everything that pandora does, but also adds a social aspect to it on top of it(profile page, friends,nearby events, etc)

  2. One major downside of Pandora is that it's US-only… Unfortunately, the screwed-up-ness of international music licensing leaves us with Spotify only working in a small number of European countries, Pandora only working in the US, and only working in the UK, US, Ireland and Germany unless you pay. I pay a reasonable $3 per month to get here in Hong Kong, which I use on my phone and both my work and home computers (as background music, mainly).
    Lifehacker has a discussion running on online streaming music services right now at

    • Slacker only has caching for offline play if you have a paid Slacker Plus subscription. Offline play is disabled for free users.

  3. Last F.M. is very cool also. Pandora is fantastic and has been around longer so it has more of a following. Either one wil bring harmonic medicinal modulation to your ears.

    I'm waiting for Apple to start writing Android apps so they can release an official and perfect Itunes app. Most everyone prefers Itunes or already uses it and will not or do not see a reason to change. Instead of being pissed off they could use Android to somewhat of an advantage and even generate income from apps they develop and customers they win over to itunes. I'm not holding my breath but who am I but a mere humble droidee.

    • What,you kidding me…you are waiting for Apple to write an Itunes App for Andriod?

      You'll have to wait a very long time,it'll never happen,not with Steve Jobs at the helms of affairs.

  4. Tunewiki is the best hands down! Its an mp3 player, displays song lyrics while listening,when listening 2 a song you can search 4 the video, & also had 2 internet radio channels. Last fm & Shout Out radio(I think that's how its spelled). Love it. I still luv pandora because of the personalization of it.

  5. I like Slacker. I use to be a Pandora fan and I still am. However the free version of Pandora limits you to 40 hours of playing where as I can listen as long as I want on Slacker for both my desktop and phone use. In my book that beats out Pandora for my usage.

    • I have a pretty good setup. I installed a new Sony head unit a couple months ago that has both Bluetooth and USB support. I just play my tunes, GPS and phone calls wirelessly via Bluetooth. When I want to use my iPod, I can connect it via USB (my collection is too big to move it to my Droid).

  6. I like how Pandora helps you to discover new songs you were unaware of before. The radio tends to play the same exact songs over and over again. Pandora lets you hear a lot of songs that don't make it onto the radio.

  7. I am excited to learn that pandora rules the millions of hearts through its streaming music which sings pleasing to our ears. It is an excellent post. thanks sharing the information.

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