Rogers’ Magic To Be Re-Branded as HTC Magic +

Attention Canadians: Android Guys has some news regarding the Rogers’ HTC Magic.  Very soon you will notice something different when you go to look at the HTC Magic at your local Rogers’ Store.  Is it a new finish? No.  Sorry.  What about a sleeker look? No again!  Well folks, the handset has been re-branded at the HTC Magic+.  You might be asking what exactly does the + mean?  Well you get all the same features, such as the 3.2-inch touchscreen display (resolution of 320 x 480), 3.2 megapixel camera, and the Android Market (with paid apps soon, hopefully!) Actually, the + seems to be referring to the addition of the HTC Sense UI, which has multi-touch capabilities. Oh, and the Magic+ will be getting it’s very own 2.1 update toward the middle of the year!  I don’t know about you, but 79.99 sure seems like a good price.  If I didn’t have an HTC Hero  already, I would definitely be checking this device out.

Source: Mobile Syrup

  • Multitouch? Are you sure about this? I (and a few others) have the Magic with the updated ROM installed. The Magic+ is nothing but an original Magic with a poorly tested and implemented Sense UI update along with a major E911 bug patched up by Rogers and HTC. First indications are that Rogers patched it up to save their @$$ from any legal issues relating to the phone rebooting when a user tried to call 911 and had their GPS running.

    The Magic+ also takes away the capability to root the phone and/or load a custom ROM on the device. The Magic+ (or Magic with the updated ROM) are in fact a step back, regardless of the price!

    • Mike

      Rogers Magic customer here… would like to second this (although I think multi-touch is hardware-enabled, but none of the base software uses it)

  • Yes, HTC put multitouch in Android 1.5 but that's not the android standard multitouch from Android 2.1 that provide multitouch to a lot of apps … like Maps, default browser …

    Too bad the updates locked the Magic … because this Android 1.5 + HTC Sense ROM from Rogers was hot last summer … today, we want Android 2.1 … I hope it's coming shortly.

  • G__

    Yup the pinch-and-zoom works on Dolphin browser.

    I hope they fix the crashing..

    Oh a work around, if you delete all the (HTC only) widgets on your home screen stops 90% of crashing. (after reboot)

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