Google Now Selling Nexus One Batteries

This week Google added spare Nexus One batteries for sale in the official store. The best thing about it is that they’re only $25 a piece, plus shipping.  This is considerably cheaper than the $50 price tag that some phones fetch.  I haven’t had any problem with the Nexus battery life and  always travel with my charger, however that’s a price worth considering picking up a spare.  So now we’ve got the dock and now a battery.  Hopefully there will be more accessories to come, such as the car mount.

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  1. @ankhwatcher
    March 02, 23:17 Reply

    I'm crossing my fingers for an inline microphone with headphone adapter soon. I want to use my headphones.

    • brian
      March 03, 02:37 Reply

      Huh? The headphones that came with mine have an inline mic and they work just fine.

      • Mark
        March 03, 21:38 Reply

        He wants to use is own headphones. Not everybody likes little earbuds.

  2. brian
    March 02, 20:04 Reply

    This battery should be 1600 mHA or more. 1400 is insufficient. Standard 1400 can’t make it through the day.

    • @ankhwatcher
      March 03, 23:01 Reply

      I recommend you try 'Battery Left Widget Beta'. It's great for predicting your battery usage.

  3. Stefing
    March 03, 05:56 Reply

    If your battery isn’t making it through the day then you need to look at your installed apps!
    I’m also waiting for the car dock, it’s a shame it wasn’t ready at launch.

  4. jg151
    March 11, 23:03 Reply

    @@ankhwatcher Sony makes one and so does monster. The problem is that your wires will be really long and annoying. Its better to just buy beats tour by dre or a bose headset.

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  7. farhad
    July 07, 07:31 Reply

    nice one.. great move android..

  8. khay
    July 17, 17:33 Reply

    thaks for your sharing. great post!! like this :p

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