Synchronizing Google Voice With Your Location: Google Voice Locations v0.1

Aloha Android and Google Voice fans! Over the last few days, Gizmodo and Lifehacker have featured several posts detailing the adventures of Google Voice Master Chad Smith.

According to the folks over at Lifehacker, Smith was able to synchronize his Google Voice ringing schedule with his GPS Location with little more than a Google Voice account, a web server, and the Locale Android App.  Essentially Smith created a mobile service that knows where you are and knows what phone to ring. For instance when your in your house, your home phone will ring, instead of your cell. For those without a server (including myself) this seemed a little much.  However, now, with the release of Google Voice Locations v0.1, Android fans have much easier solution.

Overall, Google Voice Locations v0.1 is a very simple and easy to use Android app.  After getting, it I loaded it up on my Nexus One and entered what phones to ring when I am located in a certain areas.  This was extremely easy and straightforward. Honestly, that was pretty much it.  The app runs in the background, using the cell towers to determine your location. (GPS will be included in a future update). Unfortunately it is only v0.1 at this time, but even so, it worked great for me! Honestly, I can really see Google incorporating something like this into their own Google Voice service sometime in the future.

Load it up! Let Android Guys know what you think! P.S. This does not work on Android 1.5. Sorry!

Source: Androlib

  • Great – another cool app that doesn't work on 1.5. Um, Google does get that a high percentage of the Android base is on 1.6 or lower, right?

    Hopefully the rumors about everyone getting an upgrade are true!

  • Too bad the new paid version of Locale doesn't work if you rely on a GPS location for any of your situations. It worked near perfectly in the beta version but now it's completely unreliable.

  • Stanoman

    Really great idea, really poor execution. Constant force closes just when trying to set up a location on a Nexus One. Also requires user/pass for Google account. This is in the OS. I shouldn't have to provide this app with my credentials.

  • For everyone who uses Locale – we now released a dedicated "Locale Google Voice Plug-In" in the Market.
    With Locale and the Google Voice Plug-In you can control automatically which phones in your GV account should ring, based on all the great conditions Locale offers, like your Location, SSID or Time.
    More info here:
    Market link: market://details?id=com.steelgirder.LocaleGoogleVoicePlugin

    Steelgirder Development
    – Creator of the Locale HTTP Poster Plug-In

  • It now works on 1.5 since version 0.2.1

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  • thaks for your sharing. like this :p