Beta Test This! BioWallet Signature Beta

Longtime followers of Android will recognize the name of Biowallet.  One of the finalists from the first Android Developers Challenge back in 2008, the app was designed as a “safe wallet” that housed your private information such as passwords, notes, accounts, documents, etc.  The protection came by way of iris or handwritten signature authentication.  Even the phone itself could be locked by these means.  Unfortunately, over a year and a half had come and gone without seeing the actual app arrive.  Somehow a beta version slid in under our noses last month.

Biowallet Signature is available now via the Android Market or from Mobbeel directly.  As of right now, the current version only features the handwritten signature-based authentication. It’s highly possible that the reason we’ve yet to see iris scanning is because handsets just don’t have the camera capability.  Perhaps as things improve with the camera technology and front-facing cameras become the norm we will see this type of security become the norm.

Download Biowallet Signature Beta

Mobbeel is actively seeking participation from the Android community at large.  That’s where you come in!  A dedicated “communication channel” was specifically set up so that they can get your feedback.  Head to to browse other user’s suggestions, comments, vote them or post your thoughts and suggestions.  You can also email them at [email protected] or follow them on twitter.

  • guest

    I have been waiting for this App since before pre-ordering my G-1. I haven't fully played around with it yet but does anyone know if it has any syncing ability with G-Mail contacts? I would love to lock that info

  • Hi, thanks for the post!

    We just wanted to let you know we are still working very actively on iris recognition. Until now we have faced several serious problems that have delayed the release (poor cameras, poor performance of Dalvik virtual machine, limited memory) but we are getting more encouraging results with the latest models (Droid, Nexus One, …).

    @guest current version doesn't protect contacts information, but that seems an interesting feature, we will study it.


    BioWallet Team.

  • guest

    Cool- glad to see devs monitoring what people are saying about their apps- keep up the good work!

  • thaks for your sharing. like this :p

  • bill

    I wish that this could replace the “slide to unlock” screen!

  • It is a profitable post for one and all to learn that the protection of your private information such as passwords, notes, accounts, documents, etc came by way of iris or handwritten signature authentication. Thanks.

  • Toxiq

    so if u havin problems with poor cameras and devices make it at least forlatest htc androids wildfire, desire,desire hd, incredible etc, u cannot be good for everyone .. another question iv seen a video on utube, it looks a bit weird with iris recognition, i think the easiest way to hack it just use smąns picture, am i right ?