Google’s Gesture Search Arrives for a Select Few Handsets

Google has just pushed out another Labs feature for Android handsets running 2.0 or later.  It’s called Gesture Search and it just that – It searches by gesture.  Using the app, Nexus One and Droid owners can search contacts, bookmarks, applications, and music by drawing little letters on the touchscreen.  As you scribble more letters, your results will pare down.

Rather than running on top of the handset as a means of input, Gesture Search is an application that must be opened each time.  It’s recommended that after installing the app, you place a shortcut on your desktop so it’s always within reach.

The jury is still out as to how intuitive this feels or what kind of learning curve it has, but we can imagine this cuts down on the long scrolls through contacts and bookmarks. yes on your phone (don’t take this as a recommendation to use it while driving, though — that’s never safe).

Scan to download Gesture Search

Please keep in mind that this requires Android 2.0 or later and is currently only available in the US.  If you don’t meet these two requirements, you will not find it in the Android Market no matter how hard you try.  Until more handsets get upgraded from 1.6 or 1.5 (GASP!), this type of app is for an elite few.  However, if you do have what it takes, scan the barcode to the right and get going!

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  1. Luis
    March 04, 07:59 Reply

    works great! on my nexus! yayaaaay

  2. Paul
    March 04, 08:37 Reply

    Am in the UK and have Nexus one, it works fine, so not US only.

  3. Jonathan
    March 04, 09:22 Reply

    It's interesting, but in my limited testing it has proven slower than the quick search box, so I probably will only keep it around for the novelty.

  4. tekchip
    March 04, 11:21 Reply

    An icon on the home screen? Really Google? I realize it's just recently a labs app and might not be ready to replace your quick search bar or even the voice search yet but…wtf? Why not make it available via a launcher icon on the top bar/pull down similar to other things that are "backgrounded" like listen, media player or twidroid. A swipe and a tap and voila you're in the search instead of having to go home, leaving entirely what ever you were doing in order to launch you're search. Come to think of it quick search should probably function the same.

  5. memory card reader
    March 05, 07:46 Reply

    With Android being the talk of the town, there ought to be constant upgradation of some good application, so as to keep the people interested in it. The new one called Google Gestures seems to be a good one and will find more users looking for it, but it requires some slight modifications to it sound appealing to a huge mass.

  6. doel
    July 17, 17:23 Reply

    thaks for your sharing. great post!! like this :p

  7. listbuilding tips
    August 17, 09:32 Reply

    A swipe and a tap and voila you’re in the search instead of having to go home, leaving entirely what ever you were doing in order to launch you’re search. Come to think of it quick search should probably function the same.

  8. Dave
    January 10, 10:57 Reply

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  9. It is very innovative of Google’s gesture search that arrives for a select handsets with all the interesting features to the liking of the users. I’ve enjoyed reading the all the information regarding the offer. thanks.

  10. Now searching is not only easy but also interesting thanks to google’s gesture search.  The app is convenient to use and easy to reach.  All this for the delight of users.

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