December 18, 2014

BIC Concert Lighter App Arrives

In pointless-apps-that-get-thousands-of-downloads news, BIC has announced their famous Concert Light application has arrived for Android.  With the app, users can experience BIC’s authentic flick sound and choose from various lighter designs to use on their Android handset. Concert mode provides an option to zoom-to-flame so you can show off a huge realistic looking flame as you wave that Nexus One around freely at a concert.

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  • Roobarb

    No left handed option?

  • oma

    This app is 6 months OLD!

  • Zack

    BIg deal, I'm working on an app right now that will turn the phone into a lighter, and make an actual flame come out of the top of the phone.

  • @miguelfronteras

    I've had this app for 6 months!! it was one of the first app I downloaded from the android market!!! it's been updated 3 times since then!

  • milleribsen

    i was able to use the same lighter that was in my hand. well played bic well played.

  • doel

    great post!! like this :p