March 5, 2015

MLB At Bat 2010 Available for Android

The official for Major League Baseball is in the Android Market and the initial response is positive.  Although it’s not quite the home run some were hoping for, it’s still a solid offering.   The only notable omission we’ve heard complaints about is live video.  Much like other Android apps getting ported from iPhone, we expect MLB At Bat 2010 to add features and improvements along the way.  You can pick up a copy for your Android phone today at 14.99 out of the market.

Key features of the application:

  • Listen LIVE to every regular season and Postseason game
  • Follow every pitch with Gameday pitch speed and location data
  • View realtime box scores and player stats
  • Watch game highlights moments after they happen
  • Keep up with news from around the league
  • Track standings

Use BARCODE SCANNER to Purchase MLB At Bat 2010 $14.99

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  1. memory card reader

    Android has been slowly picking up of the trend of the market and has proved to be a tough competitor to iPhone. This feature of MLB would be a huge success in the market especially with the baseball fans. I think that Android would be scoring a few home runs with this new application on the block.

  2. Justin

    $15 and no live video at all?

    I guess $15 is a pretty good deal for the ability to listen to all regular and post season games, but iPhone owners (especially the ones who are also subscribers) are getting a way better deal. Even the subscribers get one free game a day.

  3. David Basham

    I purchased At Bat 2010 for use on my HTC Droid Eris at the beginning of spring training. At first I was a little skeptical about paying $15 for an app on my phone but that uncertainty disappeared after listening to my first game and getting to know the program. Now, I absolutely LOVE At Bat 2010 on my phone and can’t imagine this season without it now. I connect my phone to my vehicle’s stereo system and listen as I drive. AWESOME!!! Go Chicago White Sox!!!

  4. Jon Reed

    i cant find mlb at bat in the market on my mytouch 3g running on 1.6 anyone know why

      • Brain

        it is because T-mobile has not paid any rights to MLB to carry it on the network. A shame cause I like T-Mobile but I like baseball even more.

        • Curtg76

          I have mlb at bat 2010 on my tmobile phone. I think 2011 is not available for OS 1.6 as thats what mine is and I cant even get it from the MLB site.

  5. guest

    I just dropped $120 for premium. I think charging another $15 just to access a subset of that content on my phone is a bit steep. This app should have been free but then require a subscription to or in order to access content. That would reward existing subscribers and I bet a number of people would upgrade their subscription if they then got additional functionality on their PCs.

    • guest

      I agree. I have already paid for the audio on-line package. Why should I pay more for the same thing on my phone?

  6. guest

    Um, I can't even FIND this app in the app store, and when I use the barcode scanner, it tells me the link cannot be found, either. I've been trying allll day on multiple sites. What gives??? Does anyone know? I *really* want this app!

  7. @sti3

    When connected via 3G I get "Could not play video" messages. Is this normal, or is it just my stupid phone?

  8. CHris

    I agree, I already have the subscription on my computer, should be able to use it on my phone for nothing

  9. Scott

    I love the app but like everyone else, feel a little bit slighted since live game video isn't available. I would HOPE that this feature is coming soon especially paying on top of my yearly subscription to MLB.TV

  10. Brad

    Agreed on no video. Bought and refunded it within 5 minutes upon discovering there was no live video feed like on the iphone app. How do they expect to grow an android market when video isn’t available? And this is coming from someone who has atbat 2010 on his itouch and a premium subscription to

  11. guest

    i have the samsung fascinate and when i needed to get a replacement phone and tried to re download the mlb app it told me i could not be found on the android market. i have since gotten 4 more replacement phones and still can’t seem to download the application. anyone else having a problem like this?

  12. Al

    Anyone know if this app works for Verizon? I do not see a selection to listen to games on my DROID 2 when I download the app. Any other suggestions? I canceled my XM in hopes that I could be able to use my phone to listen to baseball games. Help! Is there another app out there to listen to games?


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