Yelp’s Got New Features: Bookmark Sync + Draft Support

Yelp for Android arrived in December and has since been updated with some of the great features iPhone users are accustomed to. For those who have never used the service Yelp is a great way to review, discuss, and check out what businesses are good… and maybe not so good in your area! Today Yelp is bringing you Bookmark Sync and Draft Support in version 1.4 of their app.

What does that mean exactly? I thought you’d never ask. This makes the application experience almost as good as the web interface experience.

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Bookmark Sync allows you to bookmark things you like and want to remember so you can go back there or maybe want to check out later when you’ve got more time. Bookmarks are synced between your online account and your device. Whereas before you were not able to publish a full review of businesses, users can now create drafts on their device, have it spell-checked, proofed, and published later when you reach a computer. The Yelp app is downloadable for free from the Android Market. Check it out and let us know how it helped you.

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  1. Ken Rice
    March 04, 15:36 Reply

    Thank you for the tip. Going to check it out now!

  2. doel
    July 17, 17:18 Reply

    thaks for your sharing :p

  3. Archie Espino
    October 03, 23:42 Reply

    The new features that were created have a lot of benefits and with the new improved features; many will be interested with it.

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