Adobe Adds Features to Mobile 1.1

Adobe has just announced the release of their Mobile 1.1 and it comes only a few short months after the initial launch.  Among the changes to the photo editing software are Contrast and Brightness editing tools and a handful of effects.  Users can now tweak their pictures directly from their Android handsets with options like Vibrant, Pop, Vignette, Blur, Warm Vintage, Rainbow, White Glow, and Soft Black & White.

Adobe is also happy to announce that they’re giving developers the ability to embed the editing software directly into their own application(s).

Why would someone want to do something like this? Take for example a “sell-your-home-fast” application that allowed you to upload pictures and descriptions of your home to some web site that will advertise your home to millions of people all over the planet. Now imagine that this “sell-your-home-fast” application allowed you to not only snap and upload pictures – but also edit those pictures so that your home looks its very, very best.

Scan to download Adobe Mobile 1.1

If this sounds cool to you as a developer and you’d like to learn more, head to Adobe’s resource page for Android developers.  Adobe Mobile 1.1 is available for free in the Android Market and only needs 1.5 to run!  You can also scan the barcode to the right with your handset to download the app.

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  1. Alz
    March 05, 14:38 Reply

    Have they finally fixed it so it doesn't run in the background continuously?

  2. @TedPavlic
    March 05, 14:44 Reply

    What about red-eye reduction? That seems like an obvious feature, and I don't think I've seen a version of Photoshop Mobile that supported it.

  3. Ryan
    March 11, 16:04 Reply

    Hope they add merging of multiple photos into one!

    Cool of Adobe to open up to other apps! – Found Postdroid app, integrates very well with photoshop

  4. Typedink
    March 16, 20:29 Reply

    I want something that will let me change hue colors. I like my Mytouch 3G but what I hate is the camera. It see's purples more like blues, reds like oranges, etc. Something where I can fix that in phone would be nice. I got many camera apps but none do this. The camera app in Cyan Rom was great but I dont use that Rom anymore and thus lost that ability, so I'd love to see someone add that in a photo editing app for Android.

  5. doel
    July 16, 19:03 Reply

    thank you so much for sharing. nice post. i like it :p

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