Like Your Nexus One? Don’t Wear Your Skinny Jeans!

Attention Nexus One users: do not sit on your Nexus One! The Nexus seen above, owned by Crave UK, just randomly cracked while being charged. According to HTC’s technical support, the damage seen above could not be caused by charging, but by “putting a phone in a tight pair of jeans and sitting down.” HTC is also saying that it will cost around $270 to fix a cracked screen!  Has this happened to any of you out there? If it did, did it happen while charging? Leave comments below.

Source: Gizmodo

  • The $270 fix is bogus. It costs £78 to repair a cracked screen, including labour and return postage.

  • lol noob.

  • Jay3gsm

    I agree with HTC, it is not possible to crack a screen like that just charging a phone. The pic clearly shows where the pressure point is. Phone screens don't just 'crack' when charging, certainly not like that. I've seen enough damaged phones and heard enough "I don't know how it happened, it just did" to know most poeple don't let on as much as they should.

    • Marcus

      I agree it looks like a regular screen crack, but what if that pressure point is caused from underneath by a faulty battery swelling during charge?

      • Derek

        the battery door will pop first

      • The battery is at the upper side of the phone, not bottom…

      • CJ100570

        Then the glass would be pointed upwards and it's clearly not.

  • Rui Moura

    Well, the HTC answer was somehow funny, but hey, really, HTC guys aren't stupid.

    Saying the screen phone just broke like that when it was charging … come one, that's lame 🙂

  • DistortedLoop

    I don’t know, we’ve heard confirmed stories of iPods just catching on fire in people’s pockets, and laptops bursting into flames in people’s cars and brief cases. Why is it so hard to believe that perhaps some heat issue with this phone caused damage.

    I’m not saying it’s likely, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility given problems with similar devices in the past. Why is everyone so quick to call this owner a liar…?

    • Rui Moura

      I truly believe that sometimes some of those problems really happen, but i can assure you the manufacturer can tell if it's true.

      And you can really tell that's just a screen crack, like thousands of others, there's nothing strange about it.

      • Doesn't anyone remember those Nexus One videos that Google posted showing the drop and bend tests. Takes an awful lot of bending on those things before they break. I was amazed at the flex.

        Anyways, It's not just the screen cracked, the LCD underneath is as well. I just replaced a friend's cracked iPhone screen…there was no discoloration or LCD damage to his phone, the stuff underneath the top layer of glass was perfect.

        Granted my friend's was a drop, not a sit on it, type incident.

        I've got no beef in this either way, just devil's advocating here.

        • uk786

          Well the Nexus does have an AMOLED screen

  • Russell Stewart

    Wow. What a shock.

    People need to realize that if you throw down $500 for an advanced piece of electronics, you need to take at least some measures to care for it. You can't just throw it in your pocket like a set of keys.

  • when u have phones like these its always best to have a hip case….. plain and simple. NO touch screen is really meant for a pocket, and barley a purse. (depending on wat u keep in there) its best to keep it on ur hip. 🙂 ive had plenty of all kinds of phones and never had any serious problems. cause i keep them on my hip were it belongs. not in my back pocket…….

    • miguelito

      it's a cell phone…not a six shooter

  • mikexilva

    I have a N1 and always charge via usb computer port because it charges slower and li-on batteries dont like heat and stress.
    But now that I see this I notice the glass in nexus seems to be aplyed in aluminium body. Maybe the aluminium expand a lidle when heated and the glass don't?
    Anyway over the night there is enough time to slow charging, and there is no need to heat up the device.

  • foamman

    I believe this happened while charging…The guy just left out the part when his 2 year old started beating on it with his pet rock.

    • Rat

      Are we talking about thinkgeek’s USB Pet Rock?

  • guest_from_germany

    I really believe it could have happened while charging.
    My N1 gets extremely hot during charging. And if someone opens a window in winter, the glass could easyly break. Believe me, I put a lot of pressure on my screen, to fit the glass back in the the frame, because the morons at HTC couldn't manage to glue the screen glass properly, so it comes out a few tenth of a millimeter…..

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  • Lupine

    I had the same thing happen. I sat down really hard on a hard chair and my phone was in my back pocket. The screen did the same thing pretty much and half the screen ended up turning black and pink. I just bought a new LCD screen and installed that by watching a video and it looks perfectly fine now.

  • I believe nexus to have many qualities other than beig fragile. I hope this could be looked into by the company. Online Drugs