Android Market for Business to Launch Next Week? Doubtful

ZDNet reports that Google may launch an Android Market for business, and highlights some potential benefits for Android developers. A market that targets businesses may yield better results for developers because businesses that use apps to make money might be more willing to shell out money for an app than your average Android consumer.

What’s as interesting is that, according the Mashable story that ZDnet links to, it looks like a large part of the vision for this new market is that it be well integrated with Google Apps. As Mashable notes, this “would give third-party apps and developers the opportunity to sell their software to customers of Google Apps. This included options for increasing security, word-processing and information porting/syncing.”

(NOTE: The ZDNet article says this is a new Android Market, but the Mashable article they link to does not mention Android. I assume it’s a safe assumption that if one does come about, this new market will integrate with Android.  However, nothing in the Mashable text suggests this.)

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  1. Chuck Falzone
    March 08, 17:42 Reply

    Yeah the ZDNet article completely misunderstands what's going on. Google is working on a market for 3rd party add-ons for companies that use Google Apps for Businesses. It has nothing at all to do with Android.

  2. popoil smith
    March 08, 21:42 Reply

    Also… Did you guys notice this petition created by devs, about the current Market? I think it tells a lot and Google should really do something about it, and fast!

  3. Marc Austin
    April 19, 14:18 Reply

    The consumer market for apps is certainly bigger than the business market, and I think the jury is still out on who wins. That said, businesses have been pretty well over-looked in this discussion so far.

    Who do you think will win the war for the biggest and best business app store? We're making a run for it at Canvas, and we just released our portfolio in Android Market. I'd be curious to get your thoughts on how we should market our business apps through iTunes, Android Market, Windows Marketplace and other app stores.

  4. doel
    July 14, 18:42 Reply

    thank you for sharing. nice post. i like it :p

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