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I’m a big sucker for brain games, puzzles, and casual time wasters on my Android handsets.  I recently learned of a game called ConnecToo and it’s right up my alley.  The premise is simple enough – connect every two elements of same color by drawing a line between them.  The tricky part is that you cannot cross other lines and must work within a defined grid.  Oh, you also have to work against the clock.

Use BARCODE SCANNER to Download ConnecToo

There are two version of ConnecToo in the Android Market.  The free version features 12 levels spread out over 3 degrees of difficulty.  Once you’re hooked, you’ll want to purchase the full version for £0.69 (approximately $1.11 US).  At that point, you’ll have 200 levels to master!

  • ontheFritz

    very cool game!

  • Rootko

    version 1.1 is out
    – Connecting now happens 1 tile sooner (no need to cross the target block).
    – Notification upon touching base element, so you know when you started to draw new path.
    – Choose between "next level" and "extra time" when you loose a life.
    – Demo contains extra 2 levels from 4th difficulty to play, 1 from 5th, so total 15 levels.

  • Rootko

    I've released AD supported Free version of ConnecToo, called ConnecToo AD

  • thank you for sharing. nice post. i like it :p

  • Very interesting game, thanks for sharing

  • I am also mad about brain games, puzzles, and casual mind tweeter. I love to read about this interesting post on the new game called ConnecToo. Thanks.

  • george

    it reminds me my childhood…..

  • As a rule I always play games on my handset in leisure time. I’ve been playing different games, but have never tried these ones. I think it would be nice playing these games. thanks.

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