October 22, 2014

G1 Powered "TruckBot"

Wired recently published a post on two techie guys who decided to create a robot integrated with Android.  Dubbed ‘TruckBot’ the robot could prove to be more than just gimmick.  While we’ve seen a handful of robots that were controlled using Android phones as remotes, this is the first we’ve encountered with a phone (G1) that acts as the brains.

Built with roughly $30 in parts, the team put assembled their creation in a local tech workshop in Menlo Park, California.  Rather than purchasing a pre-packaged Oomlout kit for $175, the duo opted to use a collection of pieces and parts that included cardboard, wires, and strap ties in addition to breadboards and breakbout boards.

Currently, TruckBot can only roll around on tabletops and use the internal compass to head in a specified direction. However, with a little bit of time and tweaking, a robot like this could be more practical than most think.  If they were to use all of the hardware and software of an Android handset, they could program future TruckBots to avoid obstacles, pinpoint its location, and recognize faces and voices!

To read the full profile on TruckBot, head to  http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2010/03/android-robot/#ixzz0hbsRt05f