Leaked 2.1 Droid Update Reveals Live Wallpapers


Late last week, the Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Droid was leaked to the XDA Developers forum. Interestingly, within the build was something I found extremely cool: live wallpaper!  Does this mean live wallpaper will be included on the official build? Maybe, but I still wouldn’t put money on it just yet. Check out the video below to see live wallpapers in action.  If you want the ROM, you can get it here.  As always, flash with caution so you don’t brick your device! What do all of you think? Do you want live wallpapers? Tell us your hopes, dreams, and wishes below.


Source: Droid-Life


  1. Some people might want it just so Droid isn't worse than nexus. To me, they are useless. How much time do you really spend on the homescreen?

  2. I would just like 2.1 whether it has live wall papers does not matter, but the other features do matter and not having any recent information except for that vague "coming soon" is not at this point good enough.

  3. "neat" but not necessary. If I had to choose give me stock 5 screens (or more), too many widgets taking up too much space.

  4. Screw the live wallpapers, just give us the update already!!! We're already into March and no light of 2.1 yet. I'll agree more home screens is priority.

  5. I think you may be missing the point of live wallpapers….think of them as giant real time widgets capable of displaying real time data on the whole screen….! i think the possibilities are endless……..

  6. I would like my blue tooth voice commands to work….love the thought of live screen but voice thru my head set would be better

  7. Panda Home gives you 11 home screens. It's free and uses everybody else's themes. Works great on my droid. Live wallpapers would be sweet though even if they're kinda pointless.

  8. I just want the slow choppy browser to be clean and smooth like it was on the droid before the 2.0.1 update. I would be highly impressed if they put flash in the new droid version. But I doubt thats happening. As far as 5 home screens, the droid already laggs with a few widgets and apps. On 3 screens! Even useing the best app enders on the market. Live wallpapers sounds and looks cool but not a must if they are going to bog down the droids O.S. I would be happy if they just fixed the bugs and made the O.S. faster.
    But hey everyone on Verizon! Don't fret. I know for a fact before the end of 2010 Verizons network will be going broadband. Faster than high speed internet, on your Droid Blackberry ect. This is confirmed from a Verizon cell site tec. Who has informed me that they are already installing ethernet cable for the transition to 4g. Verizon has already been testing 4g cell towers for a couple years now. Anyone with a phone like droid or nexus at the end of this year is going to see some amazing advances in mobile technology.

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