Verizon Shows Us How Skype Mobile Works [VIDEO]

Verizon recently announced that they’ve worked out an exclusive deal to offer Skype Mobile on their Android handsets.  Starting this month, the Droid, Droid Eris, and Devour handsets will come loaded with the “new” feature that allows for calls anywhere in the world without using minutes.  Since neither Skype nor Skype Mobile are technically new, we’d understand if you already know how the respective services work.  However, there’s a large segment of the population who have yet to learn of Voice over IP (VoIP). 

Verizon has taken to a cute little YouTube video to show us how their exclusive agreement stands to benefit current and potential Android users on the nation’s largest network.  Never one to resist taking a dig at the iPhone, Verizon reminds us that “these phones can run more than one app at a time”.

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    • webby
      March 09, 01:57 Reply

      Yeah, the chick musta swallowed half a bottle of happy pills — very annoying.

  1. Jonathan
    March 09, 00:39 Reply

    Just went to the page at the end of the video and they want $35 per line to activate this feature and $25 if you're doing additional on a family plan. So that gets my bill even higher :-(

    • Jim
      March 09, 01:35 Reply

      If you're activating a new plan with a phone that is compatible with skype mobile, not if you want to use it with your existing plan/phone….

      • Jonathan
        March 09, 04:11 Reply

        oh…okay…so it'll be free for Droid owners?

  2. @velazcod
    March 09, 05:14 Reply

    "You can get a call anytime, this phones can run apps in the background…" < —- best sentence ever… LOL

  3. @soku
    March 09, 06:05 Reply

    Hm, that sounds all well and good, but what about the people using android on OTHER networks? I currently can't find it on the market, is skype going to turn into a paid app?

    • bundys
      March 09, 17:50 Reply

      That’s what I would like to know as well. Last thing I want to be running on my Nexus One is the crippled, useless version of Skype Lite.

  4. doel
    July 14, 18:23 Reply

    thank you for sharing. nice post. i like it :p

  5. product development
    May 01, 19:51 Reply

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  6. old car
    June 11, 13:02 Reply

    I think I’m going for skype mobile for its interesting features. I’m glad to go through the exciting offer. thanks.

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