Ikan Wireless Kitchen Appliance Revolutionizes In-Home Grocery Shopping

The Jetsons kitchen of the future is upon us with SnS Design’s Ikan kitchen appliance. Either that, or we’re looking at quite possibly the most expensive and glorified grocery app yet. With its 7-inch touch screen, WiFi integration, and voice input capability, the device builds a shopping list from items you scan or input before disposing of them. Oh, and it runs Android.  Simply place this on the counter or mount it near the trash can and add +50 productivity point to your life!

Once recorded, the items are sent to your mobile phone or directly to an online grocery retailer’s shopping cart, providing they support Ikan. Schedule your list to be sent to you on preset days so you can be ready to knock out your shopping on the way home from work! With the kitchen appliance, users can include their own branded retailer apps and view specials, recipes, promotions, and more from etc. right from their kitchen or Android phone.

The biggest obstacle I see with a device like this is price. At $400 a pop, I can imagine a bunch of people turned away simply because of the sticker. Even at half that cost, I have a hard time imagining myself “getting my money’s worth” out of it. However, if SnS Design were to send me one to change my mind, I’d love the opportunity.

So what’s your take on the Ikan?  Glorified shopping app?  Does it scratch a real itch for you?  Leave a comment below.

We have a few pictures of the Android version below, thanks to Bill over at Ikan!

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  1. Clay
    March 09, 23:54 Reply

    How does it handle produce?

    • Bill Adam
      March 10, 14:16 Reply

      Simply include your produce items in your favorites list. When you want to re-order your bananas open the favorites tab and touch bananas to add the item to your list.


  2. Omega Cabinets
    March 10, 19:56 Reply

    I'm begining to think I'm missing something here, when I go to the store, I just remember what I needed…

  3. Dave
    June 02, 13:57 Reply

    Totally agreed. (btw, is there anyway I can subsribe to your content updates, like a RSS feed or something, tnx).

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    • Anonymous
      June 29, 06:19 Reply

      I was considering getting one of these eden pure models to help out at the house(wood burner in liv.room & nat.gas in basement). due to the inconsistency in reliability, I will not get one of these. for $400 one has to be more than just hopeful Home Furniture.

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