Rumor: Sony Ericsson Xperia Series to See Android 2.2 in 2010

One phone we’ve been hearing about for what seems like an eternity is the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10.  After getting announced back in 2009, we’ve been patiently awaiting its arrival here in the US.  The biggest problem we’ve seen facing the X10 is that it’s slated to arrive with Android 1.6 under the hood.  According to CNET Asia, the Xperia line of handsets could get an update  to Android 2.2/Froyo  later this year. We’d previously heard that the phones will ultimately get an update to a newer version of Android, but which exact iteration wasn’t clear.

We assumed this would be version 2.1 but were informed today that it “will be an Eclair variant, so it could be 2.1 or even 2.2”, according to the spokesperson.

To dampen your enthusiasm just bit, we should point out that “later this year” has a 9-month window. This could be pushed out near the end of the year and possibly later than other handset makers. For all we know, Android could be at 2.5 or 3.0 by then.

  • Dave

    These are the Duke Nukem Forever of the phone world. Except sexier. C'mon Sony! LET ME HAVE ONE!

    • jr157

      Or its the next avatar,but I can't wait 10yrs.

  • Sony wants to make sure this new offering is 100% before they release it. It's been my experience that they are even more obsessive about their products than Apple is. This isn't a bad thing though… that's how quality products are turned out.

    • it's a good job of soner,,,

  • enveed05

    Any word on a carrier?

  • Rene

    No X10 for me, after the G1 Android update misery I will not fall into that trap again.

    Whatever the form factor and build, Android 1.6 make the X10 a last year phone released in 2010.

  • Paul McGrath

    This sounds like total BS!

    "Yes – we know its 1.6 and we know its *so* last year – but please please please buy one because we promise to update it later. Honest. Really. Cross my heart."

    If you want to stay in the game SE – then get ahead of the game. Release early and often or die. Thats the reality of the new economy. Simples.

  • Craig

    Wasn't there a video made about this??

    • rob

      That video is so awesome, it should have won the contest!

  • Eric

    SE sucks. Sony Sucks just on its own. The only thing I own in my house that is related to sony is A Blu-Ray player (made by samsung) but Sony has the copyrights etc to Blu-Ray.

    I hate sony.

    Now HTC and Samsung… that's where its at.

    And HILLARIOUS Hitler video uptop! Good work whoever you are Craig!

  • "will be an Eclair variant", I'm pretty sure he talk about Eclair (2.1) + the Sony UI …

  • Ratnok

    They need to worry more about getting a carrier and releasing the phone. So far, this is vaporware.

    It's been almost a year and it's still not out yet. Nexus 2, Droid 2, Blackberry Storm 3, and iPhone 4G will be out by the time this phone releases. Already the Nexus One kicks it's butt and the Desire as well. Even if you did get it, it would be a year before it updates to any future versions (ala HTC Hero)

    The only thing that would convert me would be if this includes the ability to download play PSP games and connect to the Playstation Network like Windows Phone 7 does for the XBox.

  • gary

    clearly the x10 is just vapourware, or se has the longest lead times in history, soon we hear it will ship with Version R for rock cake…

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  • nice phone!

  • zul

    that video is very awasome…

  • yulius samali

    i got xperia 10i…it has big screen and good quality..i really really satisfied with its performance … but i still wandering if its running with froyo … 😉

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