October 25, 2014

Unleash Your Inner Stalker with Mobistealth

Mobistealth doesn’t play coy when describing their services.  Right out of the gate, they bill their software as “Spy Software for Android”.  For as low as $49.99 (3 mo subscription), users can catch a cheating spouse with real-time updates of phone calls, pictures, location and more.  In fact, as I read through the bullet point list of features, Mobistealth seems as if it could provide darn near everything there is to know about your suspected mate.

  • Record all calls made from/to specific numbers
  • Find out when and who is being called.
  • Exact call duration of each call.
  • Remotely record all conversations in the surrounding of the phone.
  • Monitor movement and location history.
  • View all photos and videos from handset
  • Web history, bookmarks, text messages, emails, and more

All kidding aside, there are some very practical features to be found with Mobistealth.  As a parent, the subscription costs are a small price to pay for peace of mind in knowing where their children are or where they’ve been.  Employers can keep an eye on their staff and wherebouts in addition to what they’re doing with the phone in downtime.

To read more about Mobistealth, or to make a purchase, head to https://mobistealth.com/spy-software-buy.php