Unleash Your Inner Stalker with Mobistealth

Mobistealth doesn’t play coy when describing their services.  Right out of the gate, they bill their software as “Spy Software for Android”.  For as low as $49.99 (3 mo subscription), users can catch a cheating spouse with real-time updates of phone calls, pictures, location and more.  In fact, as I read through the bullet point list of features, Mobistealth seems as if it could provide darn near everything there is to know about your suspected mate.

  • Record all calls made from/to specific numbers
  • Find out when and who is being called.
  • Exact call duration of each call.
  • Remotely record all conversations in the surrounding of the phone.
  • Monitor movement and location history.
  • View all photos and videos from handset
  • Web history, bookmarks, text messages, emails, and more

All kidding aside, there are some very practical features to be found with Mobistealth.  As a parent, the subscription costs are a small price to pay for peace of mind in knowing where their children are or where they’ve been.  Employers can keep an eye on their staff and wherebouts in addition to what they’re doing with the phone in downtime.

To read more about Mobistealth, or to make a purchase, head to https://mobistealth.com/spy-software-buy.php

  • 1) If you need to spy on your kids 24×7 to keep track of them, this software isn't going to solve the deeper issues with your parenting.

    2) If you need to spy on your spouse 24×7, then there are such gaping holes in your relationship that you really should just call it quits and move on with your lives.

    3) If you're spying on your employees 24×7, then you're almost certainly breaking the law.

    All that being said, I have no problem at all with the company behind mobiStealth producing this software…if they can find a way to make a buck off other people's insecurity and ethical failings, more power to them.

    • Rwb7170

      You must not have a child who is a drug addict. Those of us who do know, as does any drug counselor, that it has nothing to do with any “deeper issues with (our) parenting”. No one knows what causes it — period. This app allows us to stay in control of a situation that is chronically on the brink. Lucky you that you don’t have this kind of serious challenge.

    • Better than Davest010

      Why did you even leave a comment on this page? Not only is it not helpful for reviewing this product, you had to go and bash other people who purchased it? Obviously you were on the page for a reason and then just decided to go against it.
      1. You probably don’t have kids because no one will ever procreate with you so you don’t have children to worry about.
      2. You don’t have a relationship where you have to worry about your spouse or partner because you probably will never have a real relationship to begin with. Congrats.
      3. You will always be an employee and never an employer, so no worries there.
      So maybe you should just step off your high horse and stay the fuck of review sites if you’re not going to actually review anything. Douche.

      • tanner

        Your so right. Why is Davest010 reading this stuff anyway. He should be looking in the mirror and telling himself how perfect he is.Life changes a lot of things and we will try a lot of things to get the truth about our child or spouse.

  • Josh

    @Davest010 I agree with your first two points, the third I think is a gray area. Like monitoring all activity on a work issued laptop, I think it is allowable as long as the employees are clearly informed of this before hand. Whether it is beneficial to have employees you don't trust is another matter.

  • Steve0

    Nearly the same thing can be achieved with G-Backup Full. Install it on the cheating spouses phone, configure it to dump all call logs/sms/mms to a PRIVATE Gmail account for you to check. This is how I caught my cheating wife… no joke. Nice thing is.. they can delete all they want from the phone since it is stored safely in a Gmail only you have access too

  • MachineDog

    This sort of thing is illegal in many states. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telephone_recording_

  • "spy software for Android" is really new for me,so I'll have to search some more information about it.Thanks.

    • Ripped Off in Houston

      Stay away from MobiStealth… it’s a rip off! You’ll never get your money back!!!!!!! It’s bull!!

      • Is it really so bad with MobiStealth? I guess I wont be getting it then. Anybody managed to get a refund from them?

  • Brian

    Droid version may work well, but if you are planning on purchasing the Blackberry version I would suggest you don't. It's a POS. I can only get it to work for around 2-3 days then it stops. I have to gain possession of the phone again and do a hard boot (remove battery). Then the software will work for another 2-3 days. Limited to no support. They answer email once a day. And based on a 3 day money back you will be lucky to get one question answered. Every support answer I received came back in the form of a question and only mentioned why it didn't work instead of giving me ways to make it work. I'm hoping since I'm past the 3 day guarantee that this software will be updated to work properly, but i'm not holding my breath.

  • It is an interesting and exciting offer to unleash Inner Stalker with Mobistealth. It is all due this wonder kit Mobistealth, the device sells forcefully in the market. From the discussion, it is obvious that all kidding aside, there are some very practical features to be found with Mobistealth which differentiate it uniquely. thanks for the information.

    • Ripped Off in Houston

      Do you work for them? Stay away from MobiStealth… it’s a rip off! You’ll never get your money back!!!!!!! It’s bull!!

  • I am excited about the this new creation. The device with all the impulsive features would drive one to check out one for first hand experience. This wonderful Stalker with Mobistealth would let us sleep assured peacefully without having to worry about some thing beyond our reach. Thanks.

  • I hope this new feature won’t make me a skeptic as Mobistealth seems as if it could provide darn near everything there is to know about your suspected mate. Thanks for the nice information.

  • Steve W.

    I have had the MobiStealth Pro-X service on two android phones since mid-December, 2010, and the service is NOT good. Many of the features that are indicated as being included do not work. They typically do not respond within 24 hours as is indicated on their site; and they will not call you – they will only do e-mail support.

    Below is a portion of the letter I wrote to their “support” e-mail address, back on Dec. 29, 2010. I still have not yet received a response – even after forwarding the below e-mail again a couple of times since then asking for some sort of response.

    Below is a portion of my letter to them:

    “Both phones are exactly the same. They are the LG Optimus S, purchased in mid-December, and both have an 8 GB memory card. Both phones have gone through the correct MobiStealth installation process, multiple times each. The problem is not in the installation of the software application.

    Below is a detailed status update of what is working and not working. I must say that I am truly disappointed in the lack of features we are receiving versus the features that are advertised on your website. I went through extensive research before purchasing your service, and had concluded (at the time) that even though you were the most expensive ($199.99 for each phone!), you also had the most features available. If I had known that I was not going to receive many of the services listed on the website, I probably would have chosen a different program / vendor.

    Advanced Features

    Picture Logging – is working as it should on both phones.
    Recording of Calls – is not working on either phone – we have set up 2 phone numbers for each phone that, when called, will record those conversations. Multiple calls have been placed to those numbers over the past few days (according to the Call History Log), however, the calls are not being recorded and uploaded to the website.
    Recording of Surroundings – has only worked one time. We have sent the secret SMS several different times (and yes, we did receive confirmation texts from MobiStealth that the recordings were started), but have only actually received the recording on the website once, and it took just over 2 days for that recording to show up.
    Reverse Phone Lookup – Seems to work on phone numbers that are not listed as private.
    Video Logging – Not working. A couple of videos have been taken by each of the phones, but nothing has ever showed up on the website.

    Standard Features

    Appointment / Calendar Logging – Unknown whether it works or not. Our children that have the phones do not really use the appointment / calendar feature on the phone.
    Bookmark Logging – is working as it should on both phones.
    Browser History Logging – is working as it should on both phones.
    Call History Logging – is working as it should on both phones.
    Contact Details – Contact details do not show up at all for one phone (832-368-8423); but they are logged for the other phone.
    SMS Logging – This feature only seems to work if the user does not delete a message immediately after receiving or sending a message. One of our children has made a habit of immediately deleting text messages after receiving them or sending them (she is very fast). And we know for certain that most (OVER HALF at least) of her SMS texts are not reaching the MobiStealth website because she is deleting them so quickly after receiving or sending them. We have tested this out for ourselves, too, by looking for texts that we have sent her from our own phones to see if they show up on your website – many do not make it to the MobiStealth site because she is quick in deleting them. Your service advertises that ALL SMS texts are logged and reported, even if the user deletes the text. We are discovering that this is NOT true if texts are deleted quickly after receiving or sending (very disappointing).

    Location and Security

    Current Location (from Dashboard) – Does not work AT ALL.
    SIM Change Notification – Unknown whether it works or not. Have not made any changes to the SIM card.

    Again, we are very disappointed with your software. Many features do not work. And, the main feature that does work (SMS Logging), does not work quickly enough when texts are deleted quickly. I feel like I have spent $400 on a service for two phones that I don’t get many of the primary standard features that are advertised.”

    • Babs

      it’s been a few months since your post. just wondering if you received a response from mobistealth yet? I am considering purchasing this software but am hesitatant based on this experience.

      • Busted in Dallas

        I used them and everything worked except for the live surround recording. Used on a HTC Evo. Customer service always followed up within 24 hours. I am not renewing because I have had to reinstall the service twice on phone. Now boyfriend has screen locked so I can’t get back in to reinstall but it’s fine now because I know the truth. I don’t really see myself as a stalker like some of the posts mention. Had a gut feeling, needed to see it for myself, now that I have – WE ARE DONE! I never even told him how I found out.

        • Busted in Dallas

          Also, I’ve tried a few others that were a waste of money: Spy Bubble is the biggest joke. Everstealth can install remotely but it rarely works. The best has been Mobistealth and Mobile-spy.com. Before purchasing make sure you have access to the phone for 5 minutes (no locked screens) and you are sure software to be compatible with your phone.

  • Ripped Off in Houston

    I wish that I had seen your posts before I purchased this LIE! People need to know what this company is doing!! I have yet to receive a reply as to why none of the data… yes… NOTHING is working!!!!! I’m just a couple of hours away from the 3 day refund policy!! Mobistealth is a RIP OFF! I wasted the $200 that I had to borrow to try and catch my spouse at cheating!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • disappointed customer

    I have also had a poor experience – while some of the features work i know that i see only a small fraction of the texts and BBM that are sent from the monitored phone.
    This product does not deliver what it promises.

  • Jarvi Dick

    These guys are the lowest scum – I know a girl now who is being harassed by a stalker because of this crap. He’s been arrested and has been in a mental hospital. Crap like this enables some truly evil people.

  • Stealthy

    I got mobistealth to see if my boyfriend was cheating. I haven’t had any problems at all. All parts of the software work beautifully. Customer support has been awesome as well. Well worth the money for peace of mind.

  • oh in case mobi stealth is such a Rip off then why not going for a alternate more efficient, more sophisticated and no such thing fake propaganda and immaculate functioning. those who discourage surveillance over others are to some extent are right at their part, but what about monitoring over a cheater? One who is continuously breaking wedding vows, or an employee working against the company’s laws? For them such software is crucial to set things right. Better go for a substitute StealthGenie Mobile Spy Software , hope you won’t b disappointed.

  • Baller

    Nothing but a complete ripoff. Can only speak for an Android phone (Galaxy Continuum), but I’ve had at least 6 issues that I’ve contacted tech support for. Never an answer until at least the next day, and usually 2 days. In a nutshell, 1) does not record calls, 2) does not record surround history, 3) only shows outgoing texts, not incoming, 4) does not record videos, etc.  Need I say more? By far the most expensive product on the market, and is not nearly worth the price. 

  • Mark

    Mobistealth worked like a dream for over 6 months, and caught my wife in a situation I never dreamed of.  She was nailed to the wall as I had every detail possible.  I told her it was through a private investigator, and she believed it.  So as we try to reconcile, I switched her phone to the HTC Thunderbolt with Verizon.  No recorded calls after that.  3 weeks of begging tech support, and finally they tell me it’s a problem with the Thunderbolt and refunded part of my money.  Everything else still works, though text messages only get recorded about 80% of the time.  But the bastard has called a few times since and I can’t get the recording.  This is a killer since she can lie about what they talked about.  I give Mobistealth a 9.8 on the HTC Eris where I used it before, but with the Thunderbolt you will not get call recording.  

  • Allen

    What made me think was the simple proven reality that
    we instantly never seemed to have any income slowly but surely other for vacations. I earn good and my wife has become at house with
    the children and “manages our money”. She started “going out
    with her girlfriends” (supposedly) a lot more lately. I thought my wife’s
    in look for of so I purchased Mobistealth Cellular spy app on her iPhone 4 and thought her planning with the other
    man. Everything was amazing with this app. Mobistealth served me good having introduction of truth. It instantly informed me on its web account. I also found her- told her, sweetheart how much income she had put away
    for after the divorce. If I had let this
    go on much time she would have conned me tones and toss out my ass on the
    control. Not any more!

  • Johne618

    It is awesome, that could litteraly save my 16 year old daughter’s life. I actually even told her that the only way of her getting a smart phone is if she gives it to me once a week, and as I took a course on how to search the phone for forbidden sites. I’m able to see her web activities(of course I will not tell how much I can see with mobistealth cell spy program cuz then I will really be in trouble) and It took a while to decide which spy app to choose from but then no one offers features like you. Thanks 4 bringing some security into this crazy world..

  • Mike3454

    I was badly looking for a spy app that could help me check
    my girlfriend’s loyalty as i was on the verge of taking the biggest decision of
    my life. I wanted to know how honest she is to me and what is the exact level
    of feelings that we share. I happened to visit this page, read all the comments
    and was quite reluctant to get mobistealth in the first instant but I thot if
    it did not work why would be people posting good comments s o why not give it a
    try. I purchased the Lite version first thinking would check it first and then
    go for the advanced version i.e the pro.
    I did not expect it would work this awsome, i was able access all the data of
    her phone, the guy I doubted she ws talking to. Curiosity increased and I wondered
    if the Lite version works so well the Pro would be magic in terms of giving me
    ample proof. I contacted support and got directions for upgrade (experience
    with support was good enough). Upgraded my license to pro and configured the
    settings for surround recording as i wanted to listen to them badly.  i wanted to know what’ s the real story going
    on, one night tried initiating the recording, kept sending the secret SMS  but it did not seem to work i got real
    frustrated but controlled and thought there might be some technical issues with
    the phone cuz if they are claiming the feature would work then it should work
    or else if it was a scam it should have never worked for any of the features.
    Wrote to support and they told me that I have configured wrong settings. They
    helped me in re-setting them correctly. It was actually the source number that
    was not supposed to be the target phone’s number and the secret SMS was
    supposed to be without symbols, then onwards I used this feature many times
    without any issue though I have stopped using mobi now as after a week’s use my
    doubts turned out to be correct. I came to the conclusion that haste makes
    waste and if you get enough knowledge about the application you will get full
    benefits out of it. One should not lose patience and wait for the results.

  • JaneRm

    I was one of those idealistic people who always went on and on about “the one” and “trust and faith” and of course my deadbeat husband took only a month of our marriage to show me that I’m an idiot. I didn’t want to try mobistealth at all but if I hadn’t I would still be with that lying cheating bastard. 

  • Clara

    I came across the same issue, purchased mobistealth for surround recording feature and it failed to work initially, i started taking it as a scam but got to know through support that there should be a memory card in the phone for the feature to work which was not there in my target phone, got the memory card inserted and then onwards i have been getting all  recordings that i initiated.

  • Mstoya81

    I recently purchased mobistealth to see what my boyfriend of 3 years was up to when we were apart and see if he was being faithful and it has given me so much insight! Omg I. Was shocked the surround recording was the best he could be across the state and it still recorded him txts contact list with name calls location tracker internet browsing history works perfectly only thing that doesn’t is the call recorder it comes in 3pg format which is not supported on my galaxy s android so that was a letdown but it is by far worth every penny! I am so glad there is something like this out there!

  • RON R

    BEWARE……BEWARE…. NOT WORTH IT….Mobistealth seems to not always work. Access to the site is down at times. And when u need the info right then mobis no help. Problems can be fixed but customer service / help desk seems India based and is the worst and I do mean worst customer service I have ever experienced. They deleted my account and all account info, they deleted help requests because they did like my requests or my explaining there errors. One guy really was the worst Sunduss Habib was his name. Wow he wouldn’t give me a supervisor or fix the problems and deleted my posts and his own posts. Even suspended my account to get rid of me so I would contact him regarding any problems with mobistealth …. Beware you won’t be able to fix the problems with tech support or billing. Beware. Buy programs just like mobi and install it and its a one time payment . These guys won’t help u better to save money in the long run and do it yourself.

    • Jenny

      I agree. MOBISTEALTH ARE THIEVES. BEWARE OF MOBISTEALTH. Their product is easy to find on the target phone and they will not reply if they dont like what your email says.

  • Leticia

    WARNING about Mobistealth. I paid for Android Lite plan for 12 months. I installed correctly, deleted from downloads as per instructions, I got it up and running. In less than 24 hours, my partner FOUND MOBISTEALTH in the Settings. It told him his phone was being GPS tracked and calls and SMS were being logged. He uninstalled it. Mobistealth did not reply to my emails, nor refund me obviously. BEFORE YOU BUY SPYWARE MOBISTEALTH IS NOT INVISIBLE

  • Leticia


  • dee

    Do the other party have to have a memory card
    In order to receive their texts?