ABSOLUT’s Drinkspiration Arrives for Android

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ABSOLUT VODKA has just announced the launch of their Drinkspiration app for Android. Defined as an “interactive encyclopedia of recipes”, the application helps users find and share drink recommendations based on a variety of conditions including location.

“Have you ever found yourself in a bar without really knowing what to order? With Drinkspiration by Absolut, you’ll never have this problem again. Drinkspiration is your best friend in the bar, giving you guidance, personalized recommendations and an all-encompassing gateway to the drink universe, right in the palm of your hand,” said Fredrick Tallroth, The Absolut Company.

Featuring over 400 drink recipese, Drinkspiration lets users get search for drinks based on taste, weather, time of day, bar vibe, sound volume, real-time drink trends and more.

Download Drinkspiration!

Twitter and Facebook integration let you share your location and drink choices so friends and family know about that Bloody Mary you’re knocking back. The next time you find yourself in the store trying to figure out something to new to drink, break out Drinkspiration and get creative!

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  • Tim

    If you talk about an app, please post the QR code!

    • Ali


      • LipGloss712

        Use the damn search feature lol.

        • Tim

          Its called ease of use!
          If they are writing an article for thousands of people to read, it would be convenient that only the writer do one search to get the QR code, rather than the thousands of people reading the article, having to perform searches in the horrible android market to find the app.

        • Have you used the so-called "Search Feature" in the Android market?

  • mike

    9+ MB no thanks absolute!

  • No QR code makes me sad. 🙁 See.

  • Just about every time we post something on an app, we add a QR code. So quick to point out when we don't. Thanks for the feedback. It was amended to the article.

  • Tim

    Thanks for putting it up…..it just bugs me when sites talk about apps but do not put up the QR code. A little late for me, but good for the slow pokes to the article.

  • OCDavid

    9+ MB??? My G1 says no with a whimper…

  • Its a awesome information about ABSOLUT’s Drinkspiration arriving for Android. It lets users get search for drinks based on taste, weather, time of day, bar vibe, sound volume, real-time drink trends and more. Thanks.