comScore: Android Continues Rapid Gains in Market Share

The latest comScore report is out today and is details various trends in the mobile industry here in the United States. Guess what? Android is doing well. In the time from October ’09 to January ’10, the platform picked up 4.3% market share from its rivals in Windows Mobile, Palm, RIM, and Apple. RIM added 1.7% to their total and now sit with 43% market share, well ahead of everyone else. Ironically (or not), Android picked up almost the same percentage that Microsoft lost (-4%) with Window Mobile.

In terms of hardware manufacturers, Motorola ended up on top with 22.9% of mobile subscribers with LG following at 21.7% and Samsung with 21.1% of the market.

  • Rene

    Nicer looking tables on the ComScore page:

  • mark

    Why do these reports have different data? I think it'd be interesting to do a post comparing and averaging all the analyst data.

    No surprise on Google's growth. I think we can also expect to MSFT to gain some ground once WinMo 7 comes out.