My Life With The Nexus One (or, How I Became a Rabid Android Fanboy)

It was almost like Christmas, and I was an 8 year old boy again. Only it wasn’t Christmas and this wasn’t a puppy I had found under the tree. It was just after Valentines Day and this was a brown cardboard box in my hands. This brown box was a gift from The Greatest Girlfriend In The World, and it was my drug of choice… a brand new gadget. But it wasn’t just any new gadget; it was a Nexus One.

My HTC Dream had served me well for over the past 12 months, but like any gadget geek I was attracted to the latest and greatest new toy. Faster processors, better screens, more features… this is what keeps me up late at night reading blogs about the next big rumor just a split second before anyone else. For being over a year old, my Dream was in remarkably good shape. It still had the original screen protector on it and there wasn’t a single scratch on it’s surface. The cover for the mini-usb port was still dutifully attached, and there wasn’t a spot of dirt anywhere to be found on it’s pristine white surface. However none of this had mattered since I had heard the first whispers of the Nexus One… the rumored “Google Phone”. The device that would pack the kind of hardware that could finally utilize Android to it’s fullest extent.

And now it was mine.

My Nexus One has usurped my Dreams position in my pocket and become more useful than any other device I’ve ever owned. My constant companion, it has replaced my many other gadgets. No longer do I carry a PSP, an iPod, a phone, and a book in my backpack during my morning commute. I simply slip my Nexus One into my pocket and head out the door. If this device would dispense beer, I’d have no other needs.
I originally purchased my Dream because of Android. I wanted something different and unique. I’ve owned smart phones for years (from my old Blackberry on through an MDA and a Wing) but Android offered something new to me: a truly multimedia experience that I could carry in my pocket and connect my social life while on the go. But even then, it was still lacking. The UI wasn’t quite what I wanted, it was slow, and it didn’t have enough internal memory to really be very useful. Don’t get me wrong, I still dearly love my Dream. But it comes as no surprise to me that Android didn’t hit mainstream attention with the kind of hardware that the Dream had when it launched. Sure, I rooted it and installed different ROMS trying to make it what I wanted it to be. But even then, the Dream still didn’t have the “OMGWTFBBQ” that I wanted it to have.
That’s all changed due to my Nexus One. This machine is equivalent to a Cadillac XLR: pure beauty with a mean ass monster living under the hood.

I feel as though I have joined a club… When encountering another Nexus One owner, we both readily whip out our phones to share any tips or tricks (did you know that speech to text recognizes supercalifragilisticexpialodocious?). I don’t see this camaraderie with any other type of device. Sure, while some would say that Apple/iPhone users share a bond, I’d go so far as to say that it’s more like a cult with His Holiness Jobs looking down from on high instructing his minions on what to do. I have made friends with people in other cities, states, and even nations… simply because of our shared ownership of this handset.

Have I become what I loathe most? Am I the anti-thesis to the iPhone fanboys? The answer is a resounding “YES!” Thanks to the Nexus One, I will resoundingly defend Android on any blog, in any conversation, and during any circumstance. When I run into an iPhone fanboy it’s light versus dark, good versus evil, Jedi versus Sith. My pupils dilate, I begin to sweat, and the arguments move to the tip of my tongue. The only way I could become any worse is if I turned green, grew seven feet tall, and my clothes started to rip (Android SMASH!!).

Thanks to the Nexus One (my Precious!!) my transformation is complete. Sure, it has it’s (few) flaws. But I will say, that no matter what I am doing (outside of a few activities *ahem* with The Greatest Girlfriend In The World) my Nexus One enhances it.  A bastion of entertainment and knowledge at my fingertips, this is my constant companion. Now to figure out how to affix a keg of my favorite brew to it…
  • Sean

    I'm with you completely!
    and if you haven't yet…. get swype on your Nexus….if it was a Cadillac without's a Rolls Royce with it.
    I've had mine since day one… and have loved every minute I've had it.

  • Strangely enough… I know exactly how you feel 🙂

  • Usman

    Actually, the vibrate is strong enough to help with those activities with your GF as well. 😉

  • Yogesh

    I have used many phones, and out of all the OSes, iPhone, Symbian and Blackberry, I love android the most. I own a Nexus One now and it beats the iPhone hands down. I anyways do not like the hitler-ism control Apple normally keeps on things.

    The only gripe with the phone is some really important and basic feature omissions from the stock Phone/Dialer. I make a issue thread here recently:

    Other than that, I will not trade N1 for any phone in the world, even a gold plated Vertu for that matter!!

    • Calvin

      I would though. I would trade it for a Vertu and sell that Vertu to get even more N1s!

  • Casper

    Agreed, the Nexus One is hands down the best phone available. It may not be perfect, but it's pretty darn close.

  • branflakes

    Hey Scotty,

    Did you root your Nexus and if so what Rom are you using?

  • Brandon Hatch

    Awesome article Scotty!You captured the exact shared thoughts and feelings I think all us Nexus owners have in this shared experience, great job!

  • Hey guys!

    Thanks a ton for the positive comments on my very first article! Let me answer a few questions right quick:

    @Sean: I am using the Swype beta. It's taking some getting used to. I like to type in landscape mode and moving the space key all of the way to the right really bugs me.

    @Usman: It may be, but then I'd have to share my attention between the Nexus and my woman… there would definitely be an issue there.

    @branflakes: No, I haven't rooted it yet. Truthfully, besides the pure fun of rooting JUST TO ROOT, I haven't found any compelling reasons to void my warranty. 2.1 runs beautifully out of the gate. I WOULD like a screen shot feature, but I can live without it for now.

    @Brandon: Thanks dude. SPLODE!!!

    • Sean

      You don't really need the space key with swype…just go into swype settings and have it auto-space…it's makes it quicker

  • @Yogesh

    I read your thread, and certainly agree that there are some features missing with dialer and contact management. When I was rocking my Dream, I had a Hero ROM (Slick Willy) on there for the longest time. The MAIN feature that sold me on it was it's contact list and integration across the other aspects of the device. Birthdays were imported from Facebook and could be synced with Calendar.

    You have some very valid points… sadly, I didn't realize I missed them until you pointed them out. Who knows? Maybe the Desire ROM will be enough reason for me to root just to get some of that contact list functionality back. I'd have to play with it to find out.

    Thanks for your post!

  • Kenny

    If it's not enhancing activities with your girlfriend then you're not using it right 😉

  • I 'd love to get one of these but rely heavily on my calendar. Do any of you use the phone for business and use Exchange? How do you get around the lack of calendar sync?


    • Laxw

      The Nexus One has Exchange support which includes syncing your contacts, email and calender. 😉

      • Mark

        It does not support calendar as of this post.

  • kathi17

    Great article! As a G1 owner, I know the excitement you must feel. If only they had marketed it in a more friendly to T-Mobile existing family plan customers. I needed to pay the heating bill this winter more than getting a new phone.

    The little taste of eclair on my Dream gives me an idea of the excitement you must be feeling!

  • Miguel

    I love my Nexus One. I just wish it hadn't cost me $566 with tax. 🙁

  • Ratnok

    I'm getting my N1 this afternoon. My biggest question for all of you is are you having 3G issues? I'm willing to try it out, but I've heard so much about this I'm afraid I'm going to have to send it back in a week for a refund (minus shipping and that awful "restocking fee.")

  • Thanks to many-many red-eyed evenings I'm getting mine free (dammit it still may be a Droid which would be a total disaster!)

  • Guest

    i'm SO glad i traded my g1 in for the N1. this phone is awesome, because the thing i use it least for is voice calls. moreso than any device i've owned before, this thing is total entertainment and connectivity. also, swype keyboard makes this thing even more awesome. By far the easiest one-hand-on-the-go input method. this phone rocks!

  • Guest

    I am a Verizon user who is waiting patiently (or not so patiently) for N1 to hit the Big Red. And although I have been living off rumors and blogs and forums for weeks now – I feel a little torn. No matter what phone I choose it will be my first Android (SO EXCITED). So if rumors are true I should be able to choose between N1 and HTC Incredible. Now – take away the issue of the possibly really ugly red cover on the Incredible and I think it comes down to two – or three main issues. N1 will have more RAM – could matter – but maybe not for my personal use (I just don't know). The second issue is service – VZW or Google – I will gamble there and say I don't really care. So finally we come to the UI I have been really very intrigues by HTC's Sense and so I just can't decide – if for me which I will choose – the sheer power of the N1 or the intriguing and seemingly beloved Sense UI.

    I don't know anything about the HTC Dream – but if it uses Sense (like I suppose all HTCs do? ) can you tell me if you miss it? Or is the sheer greatness of the N1 made up for it?

    It was a great article btw!

  • @Guest #2: One of the primary reasons that justified me purchasing (at full price no less… ugh!!) my Nexus was that I was buying it from Google. In most cases, updates to smartphones are released on the CARRIERS schedule (if at all, take a look at all of the handsets running 1.6, or even 1.5 still!). Buying from Google, however allows me to pretty much get the updates instantly… as they choose to release them. I really like that.

    HTC Sense UI is an "overlay" on Android (just like Motorolas dismal Motoblur, and as a matter of fact can be found on another mobile OS, Windows Mobile 6.X). It's still very much Android with a few tweaks to it. The Nexus One doesn't come with Sense UI on it (not all HTC phones do, only a couple). If I wanted Sense UI, I could gain root access on my Nexus and install it. As I stated above, Eclair has enough bells and whistles in it that I haven't really missed Sense. As a matter of fact the only thing that I really miss about Sense UI is all of the awesome widgets.

    My advice? Buy a Nexus One. You'll get it subsidized (hopefully) from Verizon. You'll love the extra RAM, you'll love the smoking fast processor, and you'll love the screen. There is very little that I can find wrong with the Nexus One's hardware, or Android 2.1. If you want the best of both worlds, gain root and put Sense UI on it. It's win-win!

    Maybe some other readers would like to chime in?

    PS: The HTC Dream was sold as the TMobile G1 here in the States, hope that helps!

  • Brandon Hatch

    Ok @allthosewonderingabout3gissues lol. Good news and bad new. GOOD news is, and many are not aware of this (bc it doesnt show in the status bar) but the Nexus gets HSPA+ or 3.5g. Bad news (for those lucky ones in 3.5g areas like me) is the Nexus switches to 3g to conserve battery and has issues when it does. Think stagnant connection. While this can get annoying at times, especially when playing Parallel Kingdom ;-D it doesnt affect the overall experience and absolute joy of using this phone. I would call this growing pains for Tmo in starting to use their HSPA+ networks. I bet we will see a new update soon to fix the radio to deal with this. BTW Tmo's HSPA network is fast enough to make me giddy. *drool*

  • Kevin

    I have loved my N1 from day 1. Most functional phone on the market today. Hardware finally stepped up to the plate and gave android a home it deserved.

  • @Paul: I have about 12 (yes, 12!!) calendars that I use, but they are all through Google Calendar. I don't use Outlook at all. I do know that there are some solutions out there that will sync Outlook with Google Calendar, but I haven't used any enough to have a comment on them. I used to use the calendar with Mozilla Thunderbird until I went all Google. The switch was actually very easy, since Google Calendar is a snap to set up.

    @kathi17: I completely feel you. I'm putting together another article about exactly that.

    @MIguel: Like you, I bought mine outright. Sadly, I am pretty sure I'll drop the same amount of cash in 12 months for the latest and greatest Android device then. Man, I'm such a junkie.

    @Raton: No 3G issues where I live (that I've noticed). However, when I'm in my house I hit the wifi, and that's about the only place where I don't get 3G coverage (specifically my home office).

    Keep the comments coming! Thanks for all of the feedback!!

  • Howie

    I too love my Nexus One, but I do have one serious problem. To be fair, HTC is sending me a replacement unit, but from what I've seen on the forums about this. I don't have much hope that it will solve my problem, which is:

    When I use Bluetooth to connect my Nexus One with my car stereo, my Nexus One's music comes through the stereo but not phone calls. When I initiate a call, the stereo screen says, "Dialing", but there is only sound from the phone speaker; when I receive a call the number calling me shows up on the stereo screen, but no sound.

    This Pioneer car stereo worked perfectly with my G1. I have now purchased and installed a new car stereo, but have the same problem. Google and HTC think that Bluetooth 2.1 in the Nexus may not be compatible with BT 2.0 that is in virtually all current car stereos. How could it not be backwards compatible?

    Maybe I'm getting too worked up about this and my replacement phone's Bluetooth will work fine. I hope so and will keep you informed. Do any of the rest of you have this problem?

  • da black anarch

    Rabid Fanboiism…great article, Scotty B. Pimpin

  • @Brandon: I'd give my left arm for some HSPA+ here in the Puget Sound. Lucky dog.

  • ontheFritz

    I'm right there with you. I admittedly jumped for joy… several times when I saw that white minimalistic box in my hand. But I was coming off from a….cough… LG Venus…. Seriously. I feel like I haven't lived until this moment!

  • david

    1st marry that woman already 2nd i hate you because you have a nexus one…just kidding, but not really. lol get swype on that thing man, you'll love it i can't afford a nexus one yet but i got me a mytouch the new one, swype is the way to go…

  • I've installed Swype on it. I tried it for about three days. And then I deactivated it.

    I type in landscape mode mostly, and the space bar is not in the bottom center, it's over on the bottom right corner. That simple little thing kept messing me up.

    • Sean

      you don't need to use the space bar. Swype has the auto-space feature…works flawlessly.

  • No keyboard means I will beat you every time @ what the doodle

  • Howie

    I have received my replacement Nexus One from HTC and it also does not connect properly with my car stereo's bluetooth, so next week I'm scheduled to have a Parrot MKi9100 bluetooth device installed that (according to Parrot) will connect my Nexus One to my car speakers.

    I'll do anything so I don't have to give up my Nexus One.

  • suzanna polkow

    good article scott i know it took me forever to post this comment sorry hun pk, work ,home, kept forgetting and now you have more yay awesome job (btw its Xuzzette)i def put this site as a fav 2 keep up with what u write 😉

  • So….you're utilizing your Nexus much more & you're enjoying a lot with this.I'm quite amazed by the service & facilities are coming in Nexus.

  • So….you're utilizing your Nexus much more & you're enjoying a lot with this.I'm quite amazed by the service & facilities are coming in Nexus.

  • nice articles.. ill write this kind of articles about my story with my spica..

  • shawn p

    I came across this blog, and I said to myself “thank God, I’m not alone”. I love my phone, it’s in my hands maybe half of the day, and it always impresses, and with froyo and flash 10.1, its even better. I’ve rooted mines, but just to get another stock 2.2 rom with better battery. Screen size and build quality is excellent, and the feature set is amazing. You gotta love this thing.

  • obi one

    same here…. nexus one is just awesome….. even if google stop selling it. every new apps is tested in it since its a developers phone… and it gets the latest android os build ahead of the android pack…. its gps is amazing, the camera is good. the speed matches even the latest androids…. now a collectors item…

  • obi one

    oh before i forget….. I BELIEVE IT IS THE SEXIEST PHONE EVER BUILT……

  • Martin

    There is STILL nothing available in the UK that I would swap my Nexus One for. It’s the first phone that I have not got bored with within 6 months! I’ve owned it since the day it was released (after shipping – the longest 4 days of my life!) and still love it.

    Let’s see if the upcoming G2 tests its staying power?

  • “Thanks to the Nexus One, I will resoundingly defend Android on any blog, in any conversation, and during any circumstance.” I have found the discussion very useful for it being a bastion of entertainment and knowledge at my fingertips; my constant companion. Thanks for the information.

  • It is almost music to my ear that my Nexus One has usurped my Dreams position in my pocket and become more useful than any other device I’ve ever owned. Great life with new device. Thanks.