March 5, 2015

Beta Test This! Opera Mini 5

Ok, so maybe you like the stock Android browser but aren’t necessarily in love with it.  Good thing for you the platform is flexible and you’re not stuck with just one option!  Hot on the heels of January’s 4.2, Opera has just released their Mini 5 beta browser into the Android Market.

Opera’s Mini is a feature-rich browser that does a lot of the heavy lifting on the server side.  Data is compressed by Opera before it even hits your phone so pages load considerably faster. While Mini works fine on phones with less horsepower or smaller screens, it really shines on handsets like the Nexus One. Tabs and the new Speed Dial feature play well with the bright 3.7-inch AMOLED screen.

Opera Mini 5

Scan the barcode to the right with your Android handset to download Opera Mini 5 today!

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  1. MarkG

    Loving it. Can't see how to use Opera Link with it thou…

    Would be nice to see an native Opera Mobile too thou…

  2. Chris

    I really like it and how fast it loads, the problem I have is it seems to be telling google reader something different than the stock browser does. In the stock browser I get really nice preloaded pages to scroll through with the touch screen. In Opera mini it seems to think I have an older phone with a keypad and so assigns a number button to each item on my list. Is there any ways to get my old view of google reader back?

  3. andy propaganda

    This browser is sexy. End of story. IMO, so much better than the stock browser.

  4. Rose

    Well, Its now on GM, and I like it better. Betas are just waste of time and they wont take responsibility if something wrong happens.

  5. product development

    I extremely glad to learn about this opera’s mini which is a feature-rich browser that does a lot of the heavy lifting on the server side. Thanks for the good news.


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