March 28, 2015

FlyScreen Integrates FourSquare into Latest Release

FlyScreen just dropped a great new feature into their Android lock-screen app.  FourSquare integration allows user to check-in from their handsets without the need of opening an actual app.  For those of you who are fanatical about maintaining your “mayor” status, you can appreciate how important time is. 

This “version 1″ of FourSquare support also allows users to search nearby for more places providing they have GPS enabled on the phone.  Other features include the ability to keep an eye on your friends, share your update with social networking services, and shouting. Wonder what they’ll add to the next version?

If you already have FlyScreen, look for an update in the Android Market.  If you’ve never heard of the app but would  like to try it out, simply scan the barcode below with your Android handset!

Download FlyScreen 1.8

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  1. Kenji

    Very cool! UI looks simple to check in so I imagine this will do well. I love my badges, Foursquare and such so I think this is great.


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