T-Mobile’s Voice Plus Beta Has Started

After nearly a month of waiting,  T-Mobile has started their Voice Plus Beta program for G1 owners.  Emails are being sent out this evening to those of you who signed up to participate in a new service to manage calls and voicemail on your Android phone.

Heads up!  To install the application on your phone, you will need to update the G1’s software, wiping your phone in the process.  T-Mobile does provide a few steps to walk you through the process so you can backup your data.  If you run into any snags, you’re advised to not call Customer Care.  Dialing 611 will not do you a bit of good.  Instead, users are directed to specific channels for feedback and troubleshooting.

Features of Voice Plus Beta:

  • Call Divert: Carve out a little peace and quiet by sending selected numbers straight to voicemail without ringing your phone.
  • Call Defer: Let callers know you’re busy and schedule a convenient time for you to call them back.  Send them a text message that acknowledges their call and that you will respond at a later time.
  • Visual Voicemail: Easily manage your voicemail! View a list of who left a voicemail, with the time of the message and its length.  Choose which to listen to now and which to review later.
  • City ID: Get more information about the calls you receive.  The city and state information of incoming calls is displayed.

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  1. draconis2941
    March 12, 02:07 Reply

    I'd love to hear how this visuam VM compares to the one they already offer.

  2. David
    March 12, 04:08 Reply

    Already have all of this on nexus one cyanogenmod. How stupid.

    • Mr Wiggles
      March 12, 17:06 Reply

      Sure you do, fuck-head, but not everyone has an N1 or the know-how/where-with-all/desire to mod their phone. Do us all a favor and don't be a dick.

      • Unpleasant itch
        March 12, 14:06 Reply

        so your mad at him because he bought a nexus one. Sounds like someone hates their minimum wage job. Should’ve paid more attention in school huh ” fuck-head” don’t be mad because you don’t know how to use the internet for things other than porn. The internet is the largest collection of knowledge and you are to lazy to do some research. Get bent and start contributing something useful not just fling crap around like a zoo monkey Mr. Wiggles!

        • No one
          March 13, 09:31 Reply

          Yes because I have a Nexus with CyanogenMOD and I don't have City ID, Visual Voicemail, or call defer without external apps

  3. Juan
    March 12, 18:31 Reply

    I got an email from TMOBILE with instructions on how to flash the new ROM for with the Voice Plus Beta. The process was easy, but now Google Maps and other Apps are not working properly.

    • @scottyabrown
      March 12, 21:20 Reply

      Was your G1 stock or rooted? Have you tried reinstalling the update?

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  7. Dr. Isaac Boules
    September 15, 11:15 Reply

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  8. Charming Chick
    October 24, 12:00 Reply

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  10. Sued for Debt
    July 17, 16:51 Reply

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