10 Android Apps You Need To Download NOW!

10 Android Apps You Need To Download NOW!

by Scotty Brown

Have you ever seen one of those lists on a tech site giving you this list of apps that they claim are the end-all-be-all of lists? The type of article that swears up and down that what they are telling you is for your own good, and that the author knows everything about all of the apps in the Market? Yes? Great! Here’s another one!

After weeks of exhaustive research (and by “weeks” I mean 20 minutes, and by “exhaustive research” I mean I asked a couple of my buddies), I’ve compiled what I believe to be an excellent list of apps that everyone should give a shot. I’ve divided these apps into three different categories for your reading and browsing pleasure.


For the purpose of this article a utility program is one that doesn’t fit into one of the other two categories. See, it’s good to be the writer, I can make things up as I go along. Actually, these are general purpose applications that would include social networking apps, enhancements to the user interface, or apps that allow additional functions.



You may know HootSuite as a main stream iPhone application, but recently they’ve launched an Android version. This app is easy to work with, graphically appealing, and has a web interface as well. Some users with smaller screens may find it harder to navigate the menus, but if you’re running Droid or Nexus One you shouldn’t have any issues. This app comes in a free (limited functionality) version as well as a paid flavor. From the HootSuite Website:

Now Google Android device users can enjoy HootSuite from anywhere with a choice of full-featured and lite versions of the popular social media dashboard. Built to utilize Google open web platform, Android users will now enjoy the same benefits iPhone user have raved about, including:

  • Managing multiple identities and accounts
  • Creating custom views for tags and searches
  • Understanding reasons for trending topics
  • Scheduling messages for the future
  • Adding followers to lists and accounts
  • Sharing photos and shortening URLs
  • Plus HootSuite Android version includes a few new tricks including background notifications so messages keep on coming even when you’re browsing elsewhere.

Choose between two versions – including a free option. The full-featured allows unlimited Twitter accounts plus on-board, click-through statistics tracking. The Lite versions – available for no cost – are limited to three accounts.

Already using HootSuite on the web? Tight integration means a single import gets you rolling so you are synced up on the go, and at your desk with help from a powerful wizard.

Get your fingers on this Owl to outreach to audiences, track conversation, spread messages and track statistics from anywhere you choose and let the robots work for you.



PdaNet is a handy little app that allows you to tether your device to a laptop, netbook, or desktop PC. The tether will work either with USB or Bluetooth without changing any settings on your PC/Mac. But, that’s not all… the greatest part about this app is that it doesn’t require root access. So, if you’re like me and you don’t want to void your warranty but still want to tether, here’s the app you’ve been waiting for. From the PDANet website:

PDANet has been one of the most popular software for Windows Mobile phones, Palm OS phones and iPhones. It is now ported to the Android system! PdaNet provides you with FULL Internet access so all your email, instant message programs will work without any setting changes. Supports both USB Tether and Bluetooth DUN.

PDANet does NOT require root access or hacking your phone’s firmware in order to work. It is just a regular Android application that works on all Android phones as-is. Tethering is fast, secure and USB mode will also charge your phone at the same time. Your phone can either connect to 3G data, WiFi, or even through VPN and PdaNet will share the connection with your computer.

New! Version 2.41 adds an SMS Agent for sending/receiving SMS on Windows.

Weather Channel

Weather Channel
Weather ChannelWeather ChannelWeather Channel

Likely the most widely used Weather app in the Market is the Weather Channel. This is a full featured app (for free) that provides you with up to date localized weather, videos, maps, and even alerts for severe weather issues. This app is graphically appealing and contains a lot of detailed info. Also, this is a must-have if you’re doing any travelling!

Android Guys Pro

AndroidGuys Pro
AndroidGuys ProAndroidGuys ProAndroidGuys Pro

What AndroidGuys list would be complete without me plugging our own app? You can listen to our podcasts, view our articles, join in on our poll, and pretty much inundate yourself with AndroidGuys. It’s kinda like carrying us all around in your pocket… only, not nearly as creepy. Yes there is a free version but I’n not plugging the paid version because we’re money hungry (ok, we are… but that’s still not the reason!). You want the paid version for one reason: the desktop widget. Yes, it’s very attractive and updates frequently showing a stream of our latest stories. That, and you’re friend will be jealous because AndriodGuys is awesome. From our website:

Get it while it’s hot! That’s right, we’re serving up fresh and hot Android Guys News and Podcasts right on your phone! We understand your need to get Android gossip, news, and reviews and we’re more than enthusiastic to give it to you.

Now available for download on the Android Market and on SlideME.org is the Official Android Guys App. Coming in two versions we have the ad-supported version for free, and the ad-free PRO version for $0.99 as well.

Official feature list for the app is as follows:

  • Read Daily News from Android Guys
  • Read comments on all news articles
  • Share articles with friends
  • Listen to the most current and older Android Guys Podcasts
  • Weekly Polls from Android Guys
  • Staff Application Picks, linking you directly to the Market
  • Changeable themes and backgrounds, 3 currently available.
  • Homescreen Widget to view the day’s top articles (PRO version only)

Grab yours now and become part of our great community. In addition to all these fun things I do suggest you read our End User License Agreement and General Public License that the application is being released under. Please be kind and rewind rate it on the market!

Music Apps

Music Apps would be an application that’s primary function has something to do with… you guessed it, music!! Gold star for you! But not all music apps just play music.



TuneWiki combines social networking, music, and connectivity to other social sites. Now you can broadcast to your friends and followers exactly what you are listening to in real time. From the TuneWiki website press release:

TuneWiki, the next generation social media music player, today announced its new app for Google’s Android 1.5, Cupcake. This new version of the app features Blip technology for increased social connectivity, offering to post the user’s current song on their Twitter or Facebook profile. The new social media capabilities come in addition to earlier TuneWiki versions, promoting a social network that allows users to add, edit and subtitle lyrics for audio and video files in all languages.

This new version of TuneWiki is the most advanced and comprehensive social media music player compatible with Cupcake available today. Features found only in the Cupcake version include a home screen widget, allowing users to control TuneWiki without having to launch the full player, and the ability to organize and access different parts of their music collection directly from the home screen through live folders. TuneWiki for Cupcake is Bluetooth compatible and can be upgraded to an ad-free version for $4.99.

Features Include:

  • Blip technology to update Facebook and Twitter with current playlist selection
  • Android Home Screen widget
  • Bluetooth wireless compatible
  • Free Ad-Supported or Ad-free version available for $4.99
  • Interactive Music Maps showing what other users are listening to around the globe
  • Lyric subtitling for both audio and video, including the option to translate lyrics into 40+ languages

TuneWiki is the world’s leader in social media music players, with the largest legally-licensed lyrics database in the world, covering more compositions in more territories than ever available before. The company has won numerous international awards for innovation including the Android Developers Challenge, the GSM Association Best Consumer Application in Asia, and the AT&T Best Consumer Application at the CTIA. Founded in May 2007, by Rani Cohen, Amnon Sarig and Chad Kouse, headquarted in the British Virgin Island with R&D offices in Bellbrook, Oh.



My favorite desktop music player, now in travel size! If you’ve used the desktop client then you’ve got to try this gem of an app. You can log into your stations right on your phone and listen to your streams, vote songs, see song info, and discover new music. From the Pandora website:

Pandora Radio is your own FREE personalized radio now available to stream music on your Android phone. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs or classical composers and Pandora will create a “station” that plays their music and more music like it.

Already a Pandora user? Even easier. Just log in. Pandora on Android is fully integrated with Pandora on the web. Enjoy all your existing stations – and create new ones right from your Android phone.

Pandora for Android is designed to run on all Android phones.



I love Shazam. Have you ever been driving in your car and hear that awesome new song pounding on your stereo, but you don’t know who sings it or the name of it? Though you bounce in your seat, pound your steering wheel, and mouth along to the lyrics, there is no way you can download the song later if you don’t know anything about it! No longer do you have to Google what you think are the lyrics! Simply load up Shazam, let it listen to the music for a few seconds, and find out that you’ve been doing the car-mosh to the latest Winger comeback song. From the Shazam website:

Create music moments. With Shazam you can identify music tracks, store them, and buy them; plus you can learn more about the artist and connect to their MySpace page. Start your music journey now!


Pretty self-explanatory. Fun stuff!

Parallel Kingdom: Age of Emergence

Parallel Kingdom
Parallel KindomParallel KindomParallel Kindom

Need to get your MMORPG fix while on the go? Parallel Kingdom: Age of Emergence is the app for you. But, be careful this game will suck you in and take a great deal of attention if you’re wanting to be good at it. Think of this as World of Warcraft Light. You can fight other players, expand your territory, chat, trade, and many other things. Honestly, this is one of the most in-depth apps on the Market. One of the pioneers in augmented reality, PerBlue has managed to really hit a home run with this app. Yes, I play this game daily. Yes, I will kick your butt if you make me angry. Yes, I highly recommend you download this app now and start playing.

Gem Miner

Gem Miner
GemGem MinerGem Miner

From the creators of the highly addictive Abduction! World Attack game comes the equally addictive Gem Miner. Boasting excellent graphics and an infectious game play, this is one that you can play over and over and not get bored of it. Seriously, The Greatest Girlfriend In The World played it all the way from Seattle to Sacramento on one of our road trips. Download it and give it a shot.



Wrapping up this list is another favorite time-waster of mine, Jewellust. This isn’t your mothers typical gem-swapping game either. The paid version of this game adds a very cool campaign to it where you pass through different levels in Egypt collecting different types of gems. Also, the graphics in this game are incredible. The colors are vibrant and the motion is smooth and you’ll get a lot of replay out of this game. From the Jewllust website:

Your journey begins from the small Step Pyramid and runs through seven Egyptian Pyramids. Each pyramid has several rooms with closed doors. To open each door you must gather a mosaic tiles from mystical lock and put them together. Every pyramid holds a magic crystal. Using seven crystals you will get into the very heart of the Great Cheops Pyramid and enter a Pharaoh’s Treasury. Your jewelry lust will be surely satisfied!

Burst the gems by grouping them to three or more in a row (or a column) before time runs out. Your must take all mosaic tiles to the lowest row. If you’ve burst four or more gems in a row, a bonus gem will appear. In campaign mode new bonuses become available as your journey goes.

So there’s my list… what say you, AndroidGuys readers? What are your “must install NOW” applications? When your buddy get’s his brand new shiny Android phone, what are the first apps that you tell them to download? What apps were you told to download? Let’s get some awesome discussions going in the comments!

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  1. Enk
    March 15, 21:20 Reply

    HootSuite isn't even close to being the best twitter client on Android. Seesmic and Touiteur are the two best in my opinion. The AndroidGuys app has possibly one of the worst UIs that I've seen. It looks like someone designed the thing in MS Paint. Nothing is formatted in an elegant way, and it just looks extremely sloppy. So I'm not sure why someone would want to buy your PRO app, the web version of your site is more intuitive. Most of the other apps you list aren't on my device and won't ever be. I would hardly consider this a must-have list.

    My must-have list is this:

    tAttachApkInstaller: Allows you to install APK files straight from the Gmail client on your phone.

    Drop 7: Amazing free puzzle, math game.

    Flight Director: Another great game.

    Homerun Battle 3D: A great homerun derby game.

    TaskPanel: Best task killer/manager that I've used on Android. The UI is nice, and the widget works great.

    Touiteur: Best Twitter client. Seesmic is also very nice, but I prefer the UI to this.

    Google Voice: Incredible app, it should come preinstalled on the phone.

    Beautiful Widgets: Amazing widget, makes the phone look much better than it does stock.

    Then I have some root stuff like Wireless Tether, and SetCPU. Wireless Tether allows me to make my Droid a wireless hotspot so I can connect my laptop to it. And I use SetCPU to overclock my CPU in my Droid to 1GHz. And for those of you who are overclocked, I would recommend TempMonitor to keep an eye on the temperature of your phone.

  2. enderx
    March 15, 21:29 Reply

    I would suggest Reaction (formerly Element Works) it's a really addictive falling sand/powder game like sandbox. The developer is really responsive too, if you email them suggestions they implement them pretty fast.

    • Ogre
      March 15, 22:27 Reply

      Reactions with an S is the name of the game you are speaking of. Reaction is a simon-esque button masher game.

      • George
        March 15, 22:59 Reply

        Google Maps – ofcourse!.. :)

        Google Translate – helped me a lot when i was in spain last week

        CurrencyConverter – as name suggests

        Postdroid – lets me send postcards to family, friends anywhere in the world.

        Where, Sherpa, Aloqa – good local searches

      • Justin
        March 15, 23:00 Reply

        Trip It works well. very well.

        Surprised they didn't add Last.fm to the list.
        With desktop, mobile, and XBOX platforms, it covers all my music needs wherever I am.

  3. sylvan
    March 15, 22:55 Reply

    Just a head-up, your bar codes seem to be wrong syntax, i.e. "market://search/?=gemminer" cannot be launched. Likely should be "market://search?q=pname:au.com.phil.minedemo"

  4. @garok89
    March 15, 22:59 Reply

    normally your articles are great….but this one totally misses the mark
    i hope it was out of irony….cmon, hootsuite, the "im so iphone im not changing for anybody" app? cmon, it doesnt even have bit.ly, twitpic or twitvid integration
    as for the games….space physics is way more addictive (and frustrating) than these

  5. @scottyabrown
    March 15, 23:07 Reply

    Thanks for the heads up about the bar codes, I'll see if I can't get right on that. It was the first time I've included QR codes.

  6. Baron
    March 16, 00:01 Reply

    How can QuickDial be missing on that list. Everyone needs a nice speed dialer. I wonder how you guys make your calls. Are you still scrolling lists before calling someone?

  7. @scottyabrown
    March 16, 01:03 Reply

    I think some people may be missing the spirit of this article. By no means is it meant to be a definitive list of the best apps for any specific purpose. This is just a list of 10 apps that are good at what they do. Are they the best (best is so subjective)… yes and no. They may fit your needs or there may be another app that does a particular task better than one I mentioned. Hence, my call at the end of the article requesting people for more apps that THEY like.

    I certainly hope that clears it up. If not, I'll be forced to release the kraken… and nobody wants that.

  8. @scottyabrown
    March 16, 01:40 Reply

    OK, QR codes should be fixed. Thanks a ton for the heads up and the patience.

  9. Simon
    March 16, 02:37 Reply

    only one of these apps isinstalled on my phone – Shazam (htc dream OS:1.6) !!
    10 apps you need to download now:
    – SpellDial – best quick dialer, can't imagine my phone without it
    – Handcent SMS – best sms client
    – Advanced Task Manager – A Must!!! no phone is perfect without it.
    – phonalyzr – you'll be surprised when u discover your phone call trends
    – Shazam – discussed above
    – Timeriffic – Dont trouble yourself with changing ur phone profile again… set timers to go silent or loud
    – Color Flash – all those times coming back home late at night, struggling to find the key hole
    – Trap – Addictive game
    – What The Doodle – Best online interactive multiplayer game ever :)

    • guest
      March 16, 03:53 Reply

      1000% agree on the SpellDial app- so many people don't know about it because it was on the Android market back when there were only 30 apps and people still cared about being the first to post "First" in the comments ha!

  10. TheDeadWalk
    March 15, 23:35 Reply

    To the Games section you should add Sketch Online Beta.
    Pure Awesomicity.

  11. HeathCliff
    March 16, 05:31 Reply

    In no particular order – (And by the way, AndroidGuys is my favorite daily Droid news site!)

    SCREEBL – This app FINALLY solves the problem of the phone screen going black as soon as you press Dial. It's a side benefit of a utility app, that goes on standby based on the angle/ degree of position of the phone. You program it so that if it's, say, 180 degree (lying on a table) it goes on standby in 15 seconds. Otherwise, the phone stays alert while it's in motion and in a position, eg. 45 degrees, as if you are holding the phone in your hand. And the side benefit is the setting whereby you override the phone's setting and order the phone screen to not go to black (as during a phone call). At last!

    ANDROZIP – great utiltity for unzipping files

    CACHEMATE – another favorite (for rooted phones) for emptying cache. A must.

    AD FREE ANDROID – removes popup ads from free sites.

    SAY MY NAME DESSERT – announces callers/ emails, aloud

    FX CAMERA – takes photos like an old Polaroid, eg faded, and with white border.

    OLD TIME RADIO PLAYER – I listed to Jack Benny and Burns and Allen. A humungous list of old radio shows to listen to.

    NEWSPAPER FULL – the top Canadian papers, UK papers and US papers, all on one site. A must.

    K-9 MAIL. Best mail program. Customize signature.

    VINTAGE COMIC DROID – old comic books from the 40s and 50s. Amazing catalog. Free.

  12. webreaper
    March 16, 07:11 Reply

    I know you made the tongue-in-cheek comment about not doing any research, but this is a pretty lame list!

    I've put together a far more comprehensive list of must-have apps over at Modaco:


    A lot of people have added their apps to it too.

  13. mendy
    March 16, 17:07 Reply

    to all those talking about speedialing… use google gestures! its great!

  14. Rob
    March 17, 09:49 Reply

    I think it's funny that it never was mentioned that HootSuite in fact is a Twitter client. I had no idea what it was, judging from the article.

  15. @scottyabrown
    March 17, 21:01 Reply

    Thanks for all of the great feedback. AndroidGuys readers are by far the best… :)

  16. uggelsey
    March 18, 08:15 Reply

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  18. krazytrixxxsta
    March 19, 15:37 Reply

    i stay on the weather channel app, no more waiting around for the local 8 on the weather channel.

  19. suzanna polkow
    March 23, 05:45 Reply

    love the games you listed parallel kingdom is by far the best. gem miner and jewlust are definitly good games and the weather channel and pandora rock. wikipedia is also good when you are in a new city but all in all being you only chose 10 out of so many your choices were awesome.

  20. Judy
    May 14, 02:04 Reply

    I love fake-call me app: very handy for getting out of a jam, fun to play jokes with friends. It can also be used as an alarm clock!

    • Joel Richard
      January 04, 16:44 Reply

      ROBO DEFENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      and of course, angry birds

  21. doel
    July 14, 16:29 Reply

    nice post. i like it :p

  22. nining
    July 20, 15:25 Reply

    it's so interesting,,, thank for that info,, :0

  23. christopher vasey
    August 27, 10:52 Reply

    Your offer is having strong appeal for the excellent list of apps for reading and browsing pleasure. However, I’ve found this article a resourceful and interesting. It is the kind i have looking to quench my desire to learn about all these apps. Thanks for sharing the information.

  24. Grain Flaker
    September 18, 15:48 Reply

    It is very enjoying to read your nice article on 10 Android apps which need to be downloaded for reading and browsing pleasure . Thanks for good work.

  25. aB
    September 20, 04:12 Reply

    I dunno if its the correct place to ask (please delete this comment it isn’t). I just bought a HTC wildfire..my first smartphone.

    I want to install android apps and I have no internet on my phone. Can you tell me if its possible to download apps on my PC and then have them installed on my phone ????

  26. Belle
    October 07, 18:09 Reply

    I’m a big fan of HootSuite, it is my main app provider on my iPhone and I am sure that it will be the best for Androids too.

  27. Meige
    October 09, 13:39 Reply

    Crusade of destiny is by far the best game in my phone. It took me 11 hours to play it trough.

    Other apps and games:

    -Mystique Chapter 3

  28. Charming Chick
    October 31, 14:24 Reply

    It is a cool suggestion that why 10 Android apps you need to download now. I am well impressed with the tutorial. Thanks.

  29. Cally Davies
    November 29, 08:23 Reply

    Never really understood Shazam and never used it. If I hear a song and want to know the artist then I wait until the DJ of the radio station tells me, usually at the end of the song. I can’t be bothered to start messing with an app to tell me.


    • ultramanjones
      February 06, 03:05 Reply

      A helpful list. Thank you sir. Shazam rocks!

      @ Cally Davies. Seriously dude? Your imagination is severely limited, sir. I’m a DJ and I can assure you that 90% of the time, at least, that I hear a song played, whether it be on the radio, in a club, or in a supermarket, no one tells me the artist and song after wards. Even just on the radio itself, this percentage is QUITE low. Also, I can fire up Shazam in mere seconds and get my answer right NOW, which is then also saved in the Shazam app for later reference, and get on with my life instead of sitting around waiting for the song to end when the DJ may or may not tell me what I want to know. Maybe you should try something before you dis it, Cally?

  30. Phil4
    December 07, 21:15 Reply

    Check Refine Efficiency: http://refineandroid.doodlekit.com/

    Fast, Simple utility:
    – cache cleaner (root and non root(individually)), no sd card cache support;
    – market history cleaner;
    – task killer;
    – start up manager (root and non root(no guarantee));
    – task scheduling.
    Also browser history cleaner.

  31. Android Champ T-Mobile
    December 14, 21:18 Reply

    A few aps that I suggest or use on a daily basis

    1. Call Confirm, have you ever picked up the phone and dialed a number and it wasn’t the one you wanted to dial ? Call Confirm shows you the number and it ask’s if you really want to dial that number *great* for drunk nights lol

    2.Easy Tether.. Sorta of like pda net but much easier to use. If your trying to tether your phone make sure you install easy tether to your computer before hooking it up.

    3. Find My Car, This ap allows you to find your car by tracking the gps location you set before you leave your car.

    4. Quadrant Standard, This ap allows you to test out the different features of your phone and test the ability it has to run graphics.

    5. Sports Tap, This ap allows you to stay in touch with your favorite sports team’s and allows you to set time it updates as well.

    6. Last but not least Vlingo, this ap allows you to speak into your phone and tell it to find something over the internet.

    Great posting here, good luck android rocks!!!

  32. wendy
    December 26, 14:27 Reply

    Food network is supposed to now support an android app. Foodnetwork.com says to download itfrom the android market, but I cannot find it, trying for about a month. Help please?

  33. Shooz
    January 22, 09:10 Reply

    Swype! Fun to use keypad app, fast and intuitive

  34. Jason
    February 04, 06:33 Reply

    nice list of apps! how about the new Who’s Free app? there is nothing like it, it simply shows me what friends are free to hang out at any time:) (http://bit.ly/htLQDW) it’s a free app and they are even Vator Splash event finalist!

  35. annie
    February 24, 03:53 Reply


    I am a fashion designer, and often forget things when travelling like picking up design book, advertisement banners etc.

    Just started using ‘‘GeoTask Alert System’ Android App on my HTC Desire HD. Its fantastic piece of application and allows me to set up reminders on google maps by just

    clicking and specifying the alert reminder radius. Just getting used to how good I am now with this app.

    Just here is the link for all those like minded people.


  36. Peter Shen
    April 05, 02:22 Reply

    This is a great list. Good to start when you just get a new Android phone. Peter, Founder Koowie.com

      • Kege
        August 14, 20:39 Reply

        talk english idiot, sound like a donkey

        • GN
          October 04, 00:15 Reply

          *speak english…

  37. Peter Shen
    April 05, 02:22 Reply

    This is a great list. Good to start when you just get a new Android phone. Peter, Founder Koowie.com

  38. Craig Sanders
    April 14, 16:10 Reply

    great aps thanks for sharing ill be sure to download them but you should put angry birds on that list a completley awsome app/game very addicting and completley free to download

  39. I am excited about your compiled and excellent list of apps that everyone should give a shot.  The post is really a worth visiting for the valuable information. 

  40. Wheat Flour Milling
    June 09, 10:05 Reply

    I always visit your blog and retrieve everything you post here but I
    never commented but today when I saw this post, I couldn’t stop myself
    from commenting here. Fantastic article mate!

  41. Yggvcs
    June 15, 22:35 Reply

    Crapp ass list haha ur a writer not a tester

  42. Max
    June 19, 20:55 Reply

    Nice list. I would add foobnix music player

  43. Robert Steers
    June 27, 03:02 Reply

    Good list. It would have been nice to see some apps that improve the display, or change the speed of the phone on here too.

  44. gtunes team
    July 13, 08:40 Reply

    I think the G-Tunes Music Lite is the best music app, you could download 99% songs you want.  Please download the apk directly from http://g-tunes.mobi to install the latest version

  45. Anonymous
    July 25, 18:51 Reply

    This is the most asinine and stupid list i’ve ever seen. none of these apps are cutting edge, save for shazaam, and definitely not must have. The only things that make it worse are the abysmal game selections! Seriously, have you never heard of angry birds?

  46. Kevin
    August 26, 00:19 Reply

    This is Nice List of Collection, I am going to check it one by one. I cant install all the app as it installs in my phone memory, no idea how to make memory default memory storage. anyways. thanks for list. Cheeers.

  47. Pparkersv
    August 27, 23:30 Reply

    It’s hard to pick such things as they are so personal.  As far as Pandora, I want to know why the Pandora for Droid has so much less functionality then the IPhone version.  No one warned me that the apps for the Android devices are inferior and have fewer features!

  48. Dean Thekidd40
    August 30, 10:34 Reply

    Stupidest app list ever. This list was probably made under paid conditions (they probs got paid by some company to advertise)… like I said… stupid.

  49. Jostrada
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  50. Tifgoblue
    November 27, 09:01 Reply

    I’m a big fan of this new game: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.jasonned.takinbacon

  51. tara
    December 03, 09:35 Reply

    Jango is waaay better than Pandora. Unlimited skips, no ads, no fees. It’s far better.

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  53. Tinaeshk
    December 30, 12:13 Reply

    you clearly dont know how to utilise your android device to the max. What abot golauncher ex. No hard feelings though.you did a great job increating a lame list except for shazam.

  54. Puto
    January 22, 18:41 Reply

    Now I know what is meant by the term “shit list”.  After downloading the adroidguys app, I now know what is meant by the term “shit app”.   

  55. girokonto konto
    January 23, 12:25 Reply

    Obviously brilliant review of Android apps indeed. I want to download these all apps. Hope all these apps would be useful for us. Thanks!

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