BlackBerry Users Pine for Android

A recent Crowd Science study indicates that BlackBerry users have wandering eyes and are considering other platforms for their next handset.  Roughly 1/3rd of BlackBerry owners would switch to an Android phone, specifically the Nexus One.  According to Crowd Science CEO John Martin, this indicates a restlessness with the current brand and allure of other platforms.  On the other hand, Android users are very loyal to their handsets.  Roughly 90% of those surveyed planned to stay with green robot-powered phones.

The survey also found (PDF) that Android users tend to be younger and less affluent than iPhone and Blackberry users.  We’ve heard similar things from other reports as well.  We say, hook ’em young anyways.  With a 90% loyalty rate, that sounds like life long Android owners.  For more on the survey, including additional results and the details on how things were conducted, head to the Crowd Science blog.

  • Hmmmmm … Younger and less affluent ? Sounds like a more INNOVATIVE group of users if you ask me !!! Let the others have their homogenized "freedom", Android rocks !

  • Jake

    All of my friends are buying Android phones, Hero, Moment, Droid. One ditched his Palm Pre, and the rest are simply upgrading. But the point is, they're not buying iPhones or BB's, they're buying Android. The demographic varies from late teens to upper thirties and are all knowledgeable consumers. We've all recognized that these phones do everything from business and play, to social networking and web surfing very very well. I'm not only sticking with Android, I'm promoting it.

  • Rene

    First Android eats the WiMobile market share, then it turns around to its next meal, the BlackBerry cake. That's one hungry little robot!

  • hazydave

    Well.. yeah. Blackberry is good from the point of view of your corporate IT guy, who wants to enforce company IT policies that relate to the Blackberry. But the whole thing was designed for an age in which email was the killer smartphone app, and they’ve been slow to really embrace the things consumers value in Android and iPhone.

    It’s hard to suggest RIM is trouble, as currently the #1 Smart Phone vendor in the USA and #2 worldwide. But the corporate software is the only thing that keeps people coming back for Blackberries these days. They should consider porting that strength to Android, if not a full migration, than at least an option.

    Of course, with the iPhone completely impossible to integrate into large company infrastructure (businesses provide applications directly, and/or site-license them… they will not be buying individually through the iTunes store), and with Microsoft seemingly having thrown in the towel on business smart phones with the move to Windows Phone 7, perhaps they’re feeling more secure than ever. But Android is the likely competitor, though it might take a few additional years of coding, and some companies interested in taking on RIM.

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  • yeah nice move.. bb and android!

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  • It is great to learn that Blackberry users pine Android. It is interesting to note that roughly 1/3rd of BlackBerry owners would switch to an Android phone, specifically the Nexus One. I would like to wait for the full story. Thanks.

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  • It is exciting to learn about the study which indicates that BlackBerry users have wandering eyes and are considering for android.  I’ve found the post to be informative.

  • The survey brings laurels for the android nexus one as it preferred over other great ones.  It is true that now a day, users are always wander lot as they always look out for better platforms and better services.  It is good to see the consumer driven market.

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