Inventor of Cellphone Dumps IPhone, Embraces Android

It turns out that Martin Cooper, the man who invented the cell phone, is the proud owner of a Motorola Droid!  In a story which aired on C-SPAN,  Martin discussed the politics of cellphones, as well as his current device.  He went on to state that he used to have an iPhone, but gave it to his grandson for a birthday gift.  Can anyone guess his biggest use for the Droid? Tweeting!  Check out the video below to see a portion of the interview![/youtube]

Source: GoodDroidBadDroid

Image Source:  Android Central

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  • Grave Ghoul

    Oh yeah…Android all the way baby!

  • GSaw

    I've seen this headline a lot, but I haven't seen the video. Thanks for posting it.

  • Apple

    what a dumbass…

  • farhad

    yeah nice..

  • Che Ventura

    Android really stands out and they are making their reputation. They really make certain that they will be able to get the interest of the users.

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    It would be nice to listen to the inventor of cellphone and learn about his preference for android iphone. Generally one gifts the best, but here it is interestingly different. thanks.

  • newburgh real estate

    It is unbelievable that he could have dumped iphone after all he is the inventor of cellphone. However, it would interesting to listen to his preference so for as different products are concerned. thanks for the nice post.


    iphone is better now get a life you annoying nerds, dont kill yourseves because i wrote this and go make another cumputer, koALAS

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