How to Get UK Milestone For Less

Like most people my contract and my G1 are up for renewal and having played with the Milestone for a month or two it got me thinking as to what phone I should upgrade to. I have many options open to me but the Milestone is lacking in options when it comes to getting it from the different carriers. Go to any of the major UK carriers and it isn’t listed.

Since the release of the Motorola Milestone in the UK it has been available on the Expansys site for £379.99 sim free or with a T-Mobile contract. Now it is also available on for £379.99 sim free also, but I feel this phone isn’t getting the attention or the publicity it deserves. I have attached my review of it here and believe it should be available direct from the carriers.

So here’s my tip>  Go to and you can get the phone free on T-Mobile, Orange or Vodafone. This gives us people who don’t have nigh on £400 available to spend on a phone a chance to upgrade once our contract expires or a more affordable way of obtaining this lovely phone. I have used this site before to get my wife’s phone (by the way I am in no way AT ALL affiliated with this site!) and found it to be quick and easy. With the upcoming releases of the Legend, Desire and Nexus One in the UK, I think the Milestone is going to need all the help it can get!



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  1. @charrion
    March 16, 21:03 Reply

    I know how to get a Milestone for less, just keep an eye out for the flood of Canadian ones about to show up on eBay 😉

  2. @afront
    March 16, 22:50 Reply

    lol @charrion – I think I know what he means. If the 2.1 update fixes the music playback fault then I'll keep my Milestone. Otherwise, look out for me on eBay!

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